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i have the best memories of an easter bunny cake that my mom would make for us every easter…  i thought about making it last year but decided jasper wouldn’t really appreciate it but this year!!  oh, this year she is plenty old enough to appreciate it!

so mom told me what to do (drew a little diagram for me and everything) and to bunny town i went…  with a smile on my face and a pleasant ache in my heart because here there i was –  making my own bunny cake for my own little girl to have memories of when she is my age…

can we say wow?

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and it turned out wonderfully if i do say so myself…

jasper saw it and coos a congratulatory, “is beyouteeful, m0m-mom!  good job!  eat it now?”… then she gave me a high five 🙂

look, mom!  here is our first hyams easter bunny cake – may there be many more!

thanks for the memories 🙂

an easter basket full of chocolately sweetness!

and then it is easter sunday!!

time for chocolate, easter eggs, baskets filled with unhealthy and wonderful goodness and pictures!  lots and lots of pictures!

jasper didn’t see the basket when she woke up and climbed into bed with us but a little later, she went back into her bedroom for something and i heard, “ohhhh!  so pwetty!  mama, is eastuh basket fouh me?”

so we go in and assure her that yes, the “eastuh basket” is for her 🙂

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arnetta, we put her easter bunny in the basket  and she was pleased to see it surrounded by candy 🙂

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then she decided that her other easter bunny needed to be in the basket as well!  do you recognize it?  it is from last easter but she loves it and weirdly enough, likes to sleep with it sometimes…  i don’t understand how a painted cypress knee makes for a good bed companion but she seems to disagree 🙂

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i don’t remember what she is saying here but it was probably Very Important…

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she asked to if she “could have some eastuh buwds” (that is what she calls the peeps) and when we said yes, she headed off to the kitchen…

jasper then proceeded to pull everything out of the basket one by one and make piles of matching candies…  for the first 5 candies or so, she would ask, “is this fouh me?”, “is this fouh me, too?”

it is all for you, sugar monkey!!  all of it!  just not all at once 🙂

as of today, we are still working on the all at once part 🙂

and then back home…

it was good to be back home and jasper lilith spent the next day reacquainting herself with the doggies and her beloved backyard 🙂

jon and david made a table and stools that break down to easily transport (i loved the way they looked and quickly moved them to the backyard porch) and guys?  i am sorry to say that jasper has completely usurped the table as her outdoor coloring spot!

and really, can you blame her?  it is perfect!

it makes a pretty good spot to enjoy a cup of tea in the morning as well 🙂

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mom, she is digging on those big melissa and doug crayons you got her!  now i have a box for my bag (from arnetta!) and a box for the house (from mom)!  i think we have it covered 🙂

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jasper and roan saying hi and reveling in each others company…  well, jasper is reveling; roan might just be licking breakfast of her hands 🙂

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what a perfect jasper-sized table!

thanks, guys 🙂

the graveside service…

we had the visitation on thursday and then the graveside service was the next day…

mom and grandma put together a little bag of goodies (stickers and crayons and toys, oh my!) to keep jasper lilith occupied during the memorial lunch and then the service – very smart of them!

she dove right into the bag (grandma and mom, she loved the gumbyesque rabbits!) and between the bag and the indoor playground, she was kept very busy…  whew!

we brought the bag to the service just in case but it turned out not to be necessary once we got there…  mom had jasper on her lap the entire time and jasper was perfectly content sitting there and keeping her company…

she understood it was a solemn and sad occasion and was very quiet and respectful during the service – she even sung with us and murmured the lords prayer with us (she wasn’t really saying the words, she just kind of whispered low under her voice and followed the rhythm of the spoken prayer)…

jasper was definitely a comfort to us all – she was just perfect and impressed us all…  there is nothing like a child to remind everyone of the good things in life is there?

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paw-paw had some beautiful flower arrangements and all the family received several blossoms from each in memory of him – janelle, i saved the program and some flowers for you…

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mom and jasper in the sunlight…

the visitation…

we were in ruston for my grandfathers funeral last week…

HELLO THE UNIVERSE:  (assuming you are listening…  wow, Big Assumption there) our families have had more than our fair share of hospitals, funerals, visitations and sicknesses for quite some time – just move on, please…  there you go, move right along…


here are some jasper sightings while at the visitation – she was entertained by her neena and her new friend, wyatt, who was a great little babysitter while i visited with people that i recognized but had no idea what their names were…  which was pretty much everybody because that is how long it has been…  my inner monolgue for the night was, “hmm, i know that face, who is that person?  eek!  they are coming towards me!  name, daune, name!!”

just so you know, i still had to ask them to remind me of who they were…  every time…   turns out yelling at yourself in your head does not scare your memory into working…  good to know…

wyatts mother (kay bond!!  janelle, remember kay bond!!!  wow…) had a camera and she graciously allowed both her boy and my girl to take pictures of each other and all the visitors – kept them busy and it was a good perspective of a jasper’s world view (from the crotch down, by the way!)…  mom let jasper  use her camera too and i am going to get some shots that jasper took to post at a later date…   so you will just have to wait 🙂

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wyatt, the dog (a pomeranian with some kind of skin disorder…  don’t ask) paige and jasper lilith…  all keeping each other entertained quite successfully…

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jasper is showing wyatt some of her pictures…  kids these days – instant photo gratification!!

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here are mom and jasper talking a stroll around the pond at pat and roberts house…

we stayed at my aunt pats house and it was good to see them again… although we really need to get together under better circumstances – this time was paw-paws funeral and last time was while paw-paw was in i.c.u…  maybe this summer when janelle and her clan come into town, huh?

(shout out:  thanks for housing all of us, aunt pat, and i hope uncle robert is doing well!!!!)