and then it is easter sunday!!

time for chocolate, easter eggs, baskets filled with unhealthy and wonderful goodness and pictures!  lots and lots of pictures!

jasper didn’t see the basket when she woke up and climbed into bed with us but a little later, she went back into her bedroom for something and i heard, “ohhhh!  so pwetty!  mama, is eastuh basket fouh me?”

so we go in and assure her that yes, the “eastuh basket” is for her 🙂

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arnetta, we put her easter bunny in the basket  and she was pleased to see it surrounded by candy 🙂

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then she decided that her other easter bunny needed to be in the basket as well!  do you recognize it?  it is from last easter but she loves it and weirdly enough, likes to sleep with it sometimes…  i don’t understand how a painted cypress knee makes for a good bed companion but she seems to disagree 🙂

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i don’t remember what she is saying here but it was probably Very Important…

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she asked to if she “could have some eastuh buwds” (that is what she calls the peeps) and when we said yes, she headed off to the kitchen…

jasper then proceeded to pull everything out of the basket one by one and make piles of matching candies…  for the first 5 candies or so, she would ask, “is this fouh me?”, “is this fouh me, too?”

it is all for you, sugar monkey!!  all of it!  just not all at once 🙂

as of today, we are still working on the all at once part 🙂