it was good to be back home and jasper lilith spent the next day reacquainting herself with the doggies and her beloved backyard 🙂

jon and david made a table and stools that break down to easily transport (i loved the way they looked and quickly moved them to the backyard porch) and guys?  i am sorry to say that jasper has completely usurped the table as her outdoor coloring spot!

and really, can you blame her?  it is perfect!

it makes a pretty good spot to enjoy a cup of tea in the morning as well 🙂

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mom, she is digging on those big melissa and doug crayons you got her!  now i have a box for my bag (from arnetta!) and a box for the house (from mom)!  i think we have it covered 🙂

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jasper and roan saying hi and reveling in each others company…  well, jasper is reveling; roan might just be licking breakfast of her hands 🙂

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what a perfect jasper-sized table!

thanks, guys 🙂