i have the best memories of an easter bunny cake that my mom would make for us every easter…  i thought about making it last year but decided jasper wouldn’t really appreciate it but this year!!  oh, this year she is plenty old enough to appreciate it!

so mom told me what to do (drew a little diagram for me and everything) and to bunny town i went…  with a smile on my face and a pleasant ache in my heart because here there i was –  making my own bunny cake for my own little girl to have memories of when she is my age…

can we say wow?

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and it turned out wonderfully if i do say so myself…

jasper saw it and coos a congratulatory, “is beyouteeful, m0m-mom!  good job!  eat it now?”… then she gave me a high five 🙂

look, mom!  here is our first hyams easter bunny cake – may there be many more!

thanks for the memories 🙂