i had a dress from last year that i never got around to putting jasper in but i thought that i would see if it fit her (it was a 24 months tag but hey, she has grown up and not out so it was worth a shot)…  and lo and behold, jasper had an easter dress!

a wonderfully pink, wonderfully fluffy and wonderfully sweet easter dress!

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a pink dress, a little girl, easter chocolate and noggin – life looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

i had the dress laying out on the couch to put her in later that day but soon after she found the basket, i walked into the living room to see a freshly-naked jasper sitting on the floor and pulling the dress on!  not successfully, i might add…  she had got too excited, i guess, and forgot to unbutton the back so while she had everything in the right place, it wasn’t doing what it was supposed to 🙂

once she had it on, she had the tendency to stop whatever she was doing and give us a twirl – she would twirl and clap her hands and squeal with pleasure…  then she would say, “oooh, i a little dizzy…”

so we had breakfast in the dress, lunch in the dress, a nap in the dress…  well, you get the picture…

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we had a bunch of friends over for a cookout (arnetta, the natchitoches meat pies were a hit!) and then an easter egg hunt afterward and it was a blast!

let’s see…  this picture has wendy, jon, nick, jasper, roan the basenji and duncan in it…

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jasper lilith, jack and duncan on the hunt for easter eggs!

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she is checking to make sure there is candy in it!  she didn’t shake each egg this time, i think she got more into the finding of them this time but it wasn’t long before she was digging through her basket to pop the eggs open and check her bounty out…

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she found an egg!!

the boys were great (especially nick!  he was a bit old to hunt for the eggs himself but he was looking out for jasper!) about making sure that jasper was finding enough eggs…  i heard the boys say, “jasper, look!  do you see the egg?” several times even when that meant that they didn’t get that egg…

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a lone hunter…  without the camouflage though 🙂

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a lollipop for the little girl!  what a face!

we had a great time with everyone (thanks for all the good food you guys brought!) and it was the perfect way to spend an easter sunday!

all that was missing was family – we missed all of you!

happy easter to you all!