and then it was sunday…  jon went fishing but jasper and i opted to stay at home and play with the dogs and cat – well, chase them around the house and the backyard anyway 🙂

but it wasn’t long before we tired of that and decided to give the dogs and cat a break 🙂

so we jogged down to the lake (jasper is a good jogging partner), met jon off a bank, climbed in to the boat and hung out with jon while he finished fishing the banks…

after he was done, we headed on to the beach and finally let jasper at the paddle boats!

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a  smushed jasper and two laughing parents 🙂

it was still very windy and jon kept telling us that “this is a bad idea” but jasper and i were determined!  so we started paddling and just pretty much paddled in circles fighting the wind and then trying to get back to the beach…  it was great!

we had a blast and were laughing too hard to be paddling very efficiently…  but that was ok 🙂

jasper kept trying to steer the rudder and we kept trying to get it back from her so we could go in the right directions and again, we were giggling (ok, well, jon doesn’t giggle but he does chortle)  too much to be very good at that as well!!!

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wading at the beach and enjoying the feeling of the water on our tootsies…

mom, i can’t wait for summer!

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and another snapshot of the three of us…  i like this one because we are all doing three different things!  jon is kissing jaspers shoulder, jasper is pointing to the dock that we have accidentally paddled into and saying, “daddee, paddle hawder!” and i am the only one looking at the camera 🙂

and then it was back to neena’s house for more hot showers, lunch and a car ride back to our house in arlington…

mom, we had a great time but jasper missed her “neena and wichawd”!!

she would ask where you guys were and we would tell her you were at a horse show and soon she would ask and then answer her own question:   “wheyah’s neena an’ wichawd?  at howse show?”