we spent the weekend at moms to dog, horse and cat sit while they were out of town and it was a great weekend!!  of course since when do we not have great weekends when we go to their house?

jon came prepared to spend much of the time down at their lake and the rain was not going to deter him at all!

we got down there friday and waited all the way until early (early!)  saturday morning to fish – what a wait for jon and jasper lilith!  i wasn’t sure if they would make it 🙂

it was raining but didn’t stop us in the least…

and it certainly didn’t stop the fish either because jon and jasper caught plenty!  yes, that is right, i said jasper…  i said jasper ‘cuz jasper caught her first fish with her fishing rod!!  and then she caught another…  and then another…

they were both in bass and brim heaven 🙂

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jon was out on the lake when we first walked down so jasper went straight for her favorite paddle boat but it was way too windy!

but once jon came back to the beach to pick us up, jasper got down to the business of fishing…

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and here is her very first, ever in her lifetime fish that she caught almost all by herself!!


i swear, as soon as jon threw her line out, a fish struck!!!  he passed it to me to madly reel in while i passed the rod to jasper!!  i was chanting, “oh my god, that was quick!”, jon was shouting at me to “give it to jasper!  reel it in!” and jasper was squealing, “a fish!!  my fishing wod, pease!!” but the fish was too strong for jasper and she couldn’t pull it in by herself so i held on the the rod and helped her reel it in…  it was several wonderfully madcap moments!!

jon and i were laughing so hard and jasper thought she had found the gold at the end of the rainbow – we were all pretty excited 🙂

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not much longer after the first fish, jasper caught another one more to her size 🙂

she was able to reel this one in by herself 🙂

this little guy got tossed back (although that first one didn’t!  he was supper later that night!)

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her attention span lasted much longer on the boat – maybe because we were moving or maybe just because she had tasted the excitement of actually catching a fish but whatever it was, it made jasper ready to fish for a long time!!

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oh, she got a bite!!

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the rain and the wind finally started to take its toll and we shivered our way back to the beach to go home and take hot showers…

and then back at the beach, she and jon caught a fish together!!

again, the fish was big enough that she couldn’t reel it in herself so her daddy stepped in to help her out – and that makes her third fish of the morning!!  and two of them definitely keepers!!

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jon and jaspers bass fish and our saturday night supper!  pan-fried fish, corn on the cob, homemade tartar sauce and cornbread…

anyone drooling yet?