jon is getting closer and closer to being finished with his sail boat!

he is at the priming stage now and jasper lilith came out to help sand that first coat down…

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“look, mama!  i sanding on daddee’s pwetty boat!”

they look like they are having a good time, don’t they?

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my two productive peeps!

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awwww, jasper lilith smiling for the camera!

“see?  i sanding boat!  cheeze!”

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and then she sees her friend caroline (a little girl about 7 years old that jasper loves to play with) from across the street and sanding is done with!

from there, she runs down the driveway and across the cul de sac, yelling, “cawoline!  hello, cawoline!” and off they go, hand in hand…

it is funny, caroline has a little brother that is only 3 months older than jasper but jasper is so not even interested in him – she and caroline are all about each other and matthew is left to follow them around or go off and play on his own…  you would think she would go for a child her own age but nope, i guess gender trumps age…  for now…