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looks like the baby is potty trained too…

arnetta, it is funny that we were just talking about jasper not pretending to change diapers on the baby anymore…  today i walked into her bathroom to see this little tableau…

i guess the baby is out of diapers now and using the toilet like jasper 🙂

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the cute thing to me is that jasper absolutely refuses to use the training seat – i had it up in her closet and she must have found it and pulled it down for the baby 🙂

just for the baby, mind you, she still won’t use the thing herself 🙂

we love us some vietnamese…

we had vietnamese soup today and like always, it was de.  li.  cious!

we were driving home from the gym and jasper lilith goes, “soup?  i hungry for soup!”

(notice that we have passed on our love of asian foods to jasper…  thank goodness!)

so we made a u turn and headed for hot soup!

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our left overs 🙂

jasper loves the soup with a bit of rice instead of noodles and she refuses to use regular utensils – she wants to use the soup spoon and chopsticks just like us!

and so she does – obviously, she can use the soup spoon just fine but we almost have it so she can pick up sticky rice with her chopsticks now too – pretty impressive, eh?

i might need to rubber band them just to give her some easy practice but i keep forgetting to bring a rubber band…  and, shoot, by the time i do remember, she might have already mastered them…

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jon likes the iced french coffee (really dense coffee with condensed milk) and i like the hot version of the french coffee…  as you can see, jasper lilith definitely likes the iced version, too!

i wonder why a hot drink feel so good on a hot day…

notable jasper lilith quotes:

“mama, you a superhewo?”

“daddee, you my best fwiend in the wowld!”

by the way, you had better believe that i said yes to the superhero question!

“you had better believe it, little one! said i…