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a little bit of this and that…

it is officially hot here!  we have finally hit the full texas heat and are in the 100 plus degrees of summer…  needless to say, the pool is about all we do outside anymore except for some backyard play in the mornings while it is still only (only!  ha!) in the 90’s…

but we manage to find things to do…  indoor things but still, who can be bored with an almost 3 year old in the house?

movies are one Thing:  we took advantage of one of our local theaters summer movie specials and went to go watch the movie Up…  and let me tell you guys, it was wonderful!!  she sat through the entire movie, barely moving an inch, she was so intrigued and drawn in and i was just as immobile with the goodness of it all!

i recommend it – go see it!  it is a wonderful way to spend a hot summer afternoon…

a new stroller is another Thing:  jasper was pushing her rocker around with her doll and/or teddy bear in it and calling it a stroller – cute, right?  sure but after a while, i started to think that the girl needed a real stroller so i started trolling freecyle and it wasn’t long before i found a post about some girly toys and a toy stroller was one of the bunch…  gotta love freecycle!

and here the new-to-us toy stroller with a very happy little girl in tow!

Image Hosted by

“oh, mama!  iz that fouh me?”

Image Hosted by

“see my stcholluh?  i love it!  iz my new favouhite toy, mom!”

her new favorite toy, huh?

Image Hosted by

“shush, mom!  baby iz sleeping!  shush, we bettuh be quiet!”

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and birdwatching is another Thing:  and here is a picture of another of her “favouhite toys” – a pair of sonic kids meal binoculars… she is easy to please, isn’t she?

now she already knew what binoculars were – she has seen us use ours and she likes to use mom’s when she is at her neena’s house to look at faraway horses but man, she loves these things – i would have a picture of her using them but i can’t seem to catch her using them in time!!

so this is the impressive (well, to me!) part:  she used the binoculars for “buwd-watching”…  again, i kid you not…  where does this girl gets these concepts???

within minutes of getting them, she had them up to her face and was peering out of the car window saying, “i buwd-watching now!  look, i see buwd!”

jon and i were like, “what??!!  what??!!  did she just say she was bird-watching??!!”

but she did and she does bird watch – when we go out in the backyard in the mornings, she kind of stalks around telling me to be quiet and hunting for birds…  then she blows the whole quiet thing by squealing when she hears or sees one…  plus she likes me to pull my own binoculars out and bird-watch with her…  which, of course, i do!

so far, we have seen plenty of grackles (no surprise there), some sparrows, some cardinals and our falcons as well…  she loves to hear the falcons and always gives a particularily loud shriek (eardrum popping, by the way!) when she hears the falcons…

i got a bird book filled with local birds for her from the library but she isn’t too interested in the book – she wants the real thing – but it is a good resource for me to have as reference…  since, “i don’t know what kind of bird that is” gets pretty old to both say and hear!

anyway, here is to our stroller pushing, bird watching little one!  may she continue to enjoy herself and make life so much more interesting for jon and i!

miss independent…

here are a couple more examples of how jasper lilith is just too independent for my own good – yes, my own good since i know it is for her own good…  that sentence was rather confusing, wasn’t it?  oh, well, moving on…

yesterday morning, i hear, “mom, i need help!” from jasper’s room so i head on in there to see what she needs and this is what i see:

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i ask her what she is doing and she says, “i picking my shuut out but i need pants!”

at this point, i trot out the camera and make her wait (she is used to it) while i snap a few pictures of her…  and then we move on to getting her clothes for the morning…

now for my confession:  y’all know that she can pick out her own shoes but i usually pick her outfit out – not because i want her to look a certain way but just because it is faster – faster and more efficient…  so i must admit to a little mental “argh” when she started wanting to pick her own clothes out…

because even jasper doesn’t have the word “efficient” in her vocabulary yet…  yet…

but turns out that, at this point, she just wants to pick out one item – maybe the shirt one day and maybe the pants the next day and always the shoes but the rest is up to me…  so it is working out in a very non-hassle type way 🙂

and she still matches…  so far 🙂

however, here is another example of her, “no, momma!  i do it!” that i don’t mind at all:

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she now puts her dishes in the sink (unprompted no less) and rinses them too!

Image Hosted by

she drags her stool over to the sink and runs water and soap over her plate or bowl and then washes her hands and face all by herself…

now this, i can’t complain about at all!!!!

oh, the horror!!

we head on back from natchitoches on sunday and when we get home, the first thing jon does is go to check on the garden!

he calls me out to show me that the two tomatoes  (from the sioux and the arkansas traveler) i have been eying have finally ripened completely (!) and we both get drooly thinking of how good they will taste…

in the midst of picking them, jon notices that tops of two of our tomato plants have been deleaved!  oh, so not good…

he stops to have a minor heart attack and then goes on to see if he can find out what is eating these babies…

jasper and i move on to play with the dogs and bring the tomatoes in and it isn’t long before jon comes storming into the house with these:

Image Hosted by

and they are huge and fat with our plants!!  these evil bubs are called hornworms...  and they are ugh!

jon has sworn to go utterly hiroshima on these devils and i suspect that they will rue the day that they found our garden…

and by the way?  yeah, our tomatoes were divine!  i am forever sold on heirlooms and am about to be very spoiled when it comes to yummy tomatoes!!

i am ok with that…

jasper and i…

arnetta has been trying to get a good shot of jasper and i but i am afraid that we don’t make very easy subjects to capture together!

jon and arnetta did their best but, well, we move around a lot and plus i never seem to be wearing makeup or have my hair down so i always look, uh, super “casual”…

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i heard “take your sunglasses off!” a bunch 🙂

in fact, i think jasper herself was telling me to “take youh sungasses off, mom!” here, too!

Image Hosted by

awww, a cute and sweaty girl!

Image Hosted by

a cute and sweaty girl and her momma!  still with my sunglasses on 🙂

Image Hosted by

jasper on a lizard hunt…

sorry, gram for being so tricky to get a good shot of but we did have fun amongst the flowers!

bits and pieces…

natchitoches has a green market every saturday and whenever we are down there, jasper and i like to tag along with arnetta…

going to outdoor markets always makes me want to go home with my arms filled with fresh flowers, homemade sweet breads and local honey!  it also always makes me feel the urge to go home and bake 🙂

it was hot, hot, hot but despite the drippy sweat, we had a great time wandering through the booths and it turned out that there was a master gardener booth that was putting on a Butterfly Tea for the kiddos…  it was really cool – they had lemonade and darling little tea cookies all spread out and each kid was given a painted lady butterfly to release…  then the kids were able to pick out a potted plant (all the plants were ones that would work in a butterfly garden) and to top it off, the kids could get little flowers or butterflies painted on them…

jasper enjoyed each part – the butterflies, the cookies, the lemonade and especially the painting!  she had a butterfly painted on one arm and a flower painted on the other…  afterward, she said, “mom, look!  i have tattoos!”

it was a good morning!

Image Hosted by

i was told that she really wanted to paint them herself but she restrained her restless little hands and settled for giving the girl the eagle eye 🙂

Image Hosted by

jon, jasper lilith and i enjoying fresh corn on the cob that we picked up at the green market – it was good!!  please ignore my mouthful of food and focus on the cuteness of the corn-on-the-cob-eating-girly-girl 🙂

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the next day, we walked down by the river and did some light fishing…  and sweating…  lots of sweating…

Image Hosted by

arnetta and jasper enjoying each others company!

what a weekend!

lots of love here…

as you all know, jasper lilith and her pop have a special relationship so here are a couple of shots showcasing that sweet friendship…

Image Hosted by

jasper is showing her beloved giraffe to pop and he is dutifully petting it 🙂

she loves this giraffe so it needs a lot of petting!

Image Hosted by

and here she is showing off another little toy – a little plastic dancer that she likes to call “fancy nancy” after those books…  those books are also another love of hers – a love of mine is how she says it – she says, “ancy ancy” in the sweetest voice…

happy father’s day!

okay, so despite my best intentions, i didn’t make it online on father’s day proper but here i am today!!

with a very happy father’s day to all of you father’s out there – you know who you are 🙂

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arnetta found a wonderful card and then gave it a personal touch by cutting out and adding a picture of jon and jasper to the card (i love when she does that!) and the shrek card?  all jasper lilith!

i had already decided to let jasper pick her own card but when she fixated on this one, i kept showing her cute and pretty cards that weren’t, you know, all shrekey…  and green and purple…

but i gave it up when she kept insisting on this particular card, “no, mom!  i pick this one fouh daddee!  i pick this one alweady!”…

all right, all right, i get it – you like this one!  so this one it was…  also it was a musical card so when it opened it played the shrek theme song (that smash mouth song?  hey, now you’re an all star one?  yeah, that one…)

personally, i suspect jasper picked it for the song alone…  especially since she likes to open the card over and over and dance to it!!

Image Hosted by

jon and jaspy fishing off cane river in natchitoches…

jasper says, “happy fader’s day, daddee!”

hugs and kisses to you all…

imelda marcos should be so lucky…

i always let jasper pick out her own shoes (lord knows she has plenty of choices!) and other than making sure they are on the right feet when she comes out (and, yeah, they always are!), i don’t worry about whether they match her outfit or not…  i mean, really, what does it matter?

anyway, today i shout out my normal, “go get your shoes, jaspy!  let’s go workout!” and off she runs to her closet…

she comes back out into the living room with her boots and i say, “boots?  are you sure?  it is hot outside.”

and do you know what she says?  “yes, mom, boots!  today i need boots on!”

Image Hosted by

what does a mom say to that?  well, this mom just chuckled and said, “well, if you need boots, then you need boots!”

and so i watched her pull her much-needed boots on and we ran out the door…

(with the teddy bear in tow!)

the rabbit hole…

so i hear, “momma!!  don’t come in, ok?  i play by myself, ok?”

and then i hear a door shut so i walk around the corner to see what the story is and i see this:

Image Hosted by

a very shut door to jasper’s room…  with a little girl telling me to “not come in” from the other side of this closed door…  huh…

and just to test the waters, i knock on the door and call out a “hallo the house!” and, to my surprise, she throws the door open wide and says, “come in, momma!”

hmm, i like this version much better!  so i go in and she points me to the recliner…  i sit down and jasper turns back to shut the door again (with me inside the room this time!)  and says, “welcome to my houzze, momma!  welcome to my houzze!”

the girl has a way with words, doesn’t she?

so i hang out in the recliner while jasper goes about the business of being an almost 3 year old…

Image Hosted by

here she is taking the temperature of some of her horses…  “oh, no!  take tempeuhchure!  houhses sick!”

the diagnosis?  “houhses need nap!”

Image Hosted by

and here she is piling on her jewelry…  can’t wear just one necklace or bracelet, oh no!

between her actions and her conversation (not to mention the impromptu singing),  she keeps me quite entertained!

my own little walking entertainment center!  priceless, just priceless!

neena and jasper lilith…

mom came to visit us for a couple of days and jasper totally monopolized her time 🙂

nah, the three of us had a great time hanging out with each other but i was frightfully lax on the taking of the pictures!

in fact, i only have one:

Image Hosted by

here are mom and jasper lilith playing with their colors and shapes – mom called out the shapes and jasper goes from there…  jasper knows her basic shapes and all her colors, of course, so the kindergarten teacher in mom was suitably impressed 🙂

our mornings were lazy but once we got going, we kept going!  we spent time at the gym, in the backyard and,last but not least, at the pool (mom says it isnt a pool, it is a water park – what do you think?  we like the one on randall mill!) but it is just easier to say pool…

Image Hosted by

mom, you can see her new kitty cat has joined her bed menagerie – she puts it by her and says, “ohhh, goo-night, kitty!”

we had a wonderful time and jasper was already asking about her neena 10 minutes after she left…  “neena went home?”  “letz call neena!”