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let’s all grok the word “precocious”, shall we?

here is a great example of how independent jasper lilith is and how that independence gives me rather conflicted feelings (proud?  nervous?  impressed?  appalled?) as a parent:

“momma!  i mad at you!  i running away!”

i.  running.  away.

my almost 3 year old tells me she is running away… and then goes to get her panda backpack and her new york taxi cab…  ‘cuz you can’t run away without the taxi cab!

so what do i do?

i go and get my camera…  i figure the least i can do is document the running away…

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here she is telling me how she is going to run away…  “bye, momma!  tell daddee bye! i run away now and you stay heuh!  no, stay!”

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and here she is telling me how serious she is…  literally…  “i seahweus, momma!  i seahweus!”

so after taking a couple of pictures of Her Grumpiness, i start to deal with the situation…  calmly…  without smiling…  i swear

although at this point, she has calmed down and, i suspect, started to drama it up a bit – working the crowd, so to speak 🙂

i go:  “oh, really?  running away, huh?  do you have your running shoes?  where are you running to?   it might rain soon, you know!”

and i ask: “can doggy come?  can mocker come?  can i bring the baby birds?”

(she tells me that doggy can come but mocker, the baby birds and i have to “stay home”…)

“maybe i will just run away with you, how about that?”  “here i come!  i am running away with you!”

and i start to jog toward her with a little jazz hands to, you know, jazz it up a bit…

and she giggles, squeals and runs away…  whew…  ok, that response is one that i can handle!

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ah, here is her reenactment of my jazz hands chase scene!  ah,  jazz hands – always good for a smile from an almost 3 year old 🙂

argh…  i mean, really!


our first harvest!!!!!!!!!

could there be any more exclamation points?

well, yes…  because wait until we get our first ripe tomato and i will exclamation point you guys to the ground…  you have been warned 🙂

but on to our first harvest of a bowl of southern peas (which is really a snap pea):

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they taste so green and fresh!  i can’t wait to get them in a pan and sauté them or maybe just sear them just the tiniest bit…  oh man, my mouth is watering…

i gotta go…  my peas are calling me…