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and she can bark, too…

the people we share a backyard fence with have some grandchildren that come over once in a while and although we hear them, we have only met the kiddos over the fence a couple of times…

literally over the fence – one of the boys (i would guess he is 9 or 10?) likes to climb the fence, hang over the top edge and ask questions that probably seem very pertinent to him…

“whose dogs are those?” or “how many balls do you have?” or “how old is she?” or, my favorite to date, “is that the dog barking or the girl?”

(it was the girl barking, by the way…)

he is funny and jasper is always intrigued by the sight of the top half of a strange boy hanging over the fence where there isn’t usually a person hanging 🙂

the grandkids always bring a dog with them so our dogs are always up in arms at the audacity of another dog being in another persons yard – “how dare that dog sniff through our fence?” if dogs could talk, that is…

so our dogs run the fence line reinstating their dominance and jasper runs right along with them growling at the strange barking dog on the other side…

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and sometimes she tries to see exactly what it is that she is barking and growling at…

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not that it matters!  i mean, a girl doesn’t need much of an excuse to get in some primo growling with the two basenjis!

they make quite a team…

the day will come when one of that boys questions will be, “what in the world is that girl doing?”

i am sure that i will just pretend to not know


92 degrees and still counting…

it wasn’t too hot this week – it only got up to around 92 or 94 degrees – not too hot for walking around but definitely warm enough to enjoy the backyard pool and sprinklers!

i had just gotten comfortable in my lawn chair when jasper gasped, “mom-mom!  i need sunglasses, too!  wheuh ah my glasses?”

so i went to go find her sunglasses and she put them on and was off!

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yep, there she goes!

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and here she is!

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and there she goes again!

yeah, i could probably do this forever but i will take pity on you guys and stop now 🙂

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ok, wait, last time:  and here she is again!

all right, i will stop now…  i promise…

sunday morning breakfast!

jon slept in this morning while jasper lilith and i went to go make pancakes – corn meal pancakes!  which are really the very best kind of pancakes 🙂

“i do it myself, momma?  i hulp you?”

so i measured, jasper poured, i cracked eggs and jasper stirred – “i stewing, momma!  see, i do it fouh you!” (that would be “stirring”, by the way)…

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and she took it very seriously, of course…

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the camera has caught her saying, “mommy!  can i taste it?”

ah, see?  now we are getting to the important stuff – tasting the batter!