some 1/2 dressed coloring…  with shoes on, no less!

arnetta, who would have thought your thai elephant would see such use?

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she was watching jon tie his shoes yesterday and this morning she ran up to me and said, “i need shoes!  i need tie shoes!  tie shoes!”

and i thought, ok, let’s see how this goes…  so she found her converse sneakers (the only shoes that she has that laces), got them on and then told me to “tie one fouh me” while she watched intently…  so she stared a hole through my fingers and after i finished one, she tried to tie the other and got so mad that she moaned, “i can’t do it!” and threw herself backward in a hissy fit!

sheesh, you aren’t even 3 years old yet – you have time to learn to tie your shoes, jasper lilith!

this i know…

and then later on today, she decided to do some room redecorating (while i am on the phone, by the way)!

heather, here is what our phone conversation got me:

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yep, that is one messy room!  every surface she could reach was emptied on to the floor!

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because just one picture of this mess doesn’t do it justice!

but luckily, the girl is neat-minded like me so once i started picking up, she jumped right in and joined me…

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of course, she picked up 1/2 the objects with her mouth like a dog would but really, ask me if i care?  (i don’t)…

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and then later, decided that a couple of her horses needed to be fed some pizza toppings…

good times, good times…