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our roll has some air conditioning again!

so after a couple of weeks of walking and pushing the stroller, jasper and i have a new ride!

well, new to us, anyway 🙂

it is a jeep liberty and i love it – i will miss that green truck but i think this jeep and i will get along just fine…

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my first vehicle was a jeep so i have good memories and good experiences with jeeps and i hope that this one will be no different…

and just in time because it is about to start getting into full on summer weather here…

so long stroller!

a dress from a friend…

deborah, i have been meaning to post a picture of jasper in the dress you gave her and i finally have!!

a local movie theater does free morning movies for kids in the summer (how cool is that?) so we are off to see the tale of despereaux – for free!!!  did i mention that part already?

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she likes the velvet texture of the dress – she keeps rubbing her hands on it and lifting it up to rub on her face 🙂

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here is where i asked her to pose and she got all shy and silly:)

thanks, deborah!