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chopstick action!

jon calls me as he is heading home and tells me to be ready to go when he pulls in because we are going out to eat…  so i salute him and get jasper and myself ready to go 🙂

we decide on sushi and head on over to one of our favorite sushi joints…

it isn’t a kid-oriented restaurant but they are always nice enough to put together a little dish for her – this time, it was rice, french fries and chicken…  with chopsticks 🙂

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even better, the waitress jimmied jasper’s chopsticks together with a rubber band and some paper so that she could easily use them – just pinching them really…  i have got to remember how to fix them like that!

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why use only one hand when you can use two?  one hand dipping a french fry in some ketchup and the other hand using her chopsticks to get some rice!

the rice went in her mouth first 🙂

a purse, a baseball bat and a ball…

so we are off to the gym and then to the playground and as i run around trying to get my act together and out the door, i ask jasper if she is ready to go and she says, “oh my gawd!  just minute, momma!”

i dart around some more and then i am brought to a full stop by two things that happened simultaneously…

just as jasper yells,  “ok, momma!  i weady now!  letz go!”, i also happen to catch sight of my purse…  stuffed to the gills with her baseball bat and her ball (which is hidden in the other pocket)!

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yep, looks like jasper lilith is ready to go!