so i hear, “momma!!  don’t come in, ok?  i play by myself, ok?”

and then i hear a door shut so i walk around the corner to see what the story is and i see this:

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a very shut door to jasper’s room…  with a little girl telling me to “not come in” from the other side of this closed door…  huh…

and just to test the waters, i knock on the door and call out a “hallo the house!” and, to my surprise, she throws the door open wide and says, “come in, momma!”

hmm, i like this version much better!  so i go in and she points me to the recliner…  i sit down and jasper turns back to shut the door again (with me inside the room this time!)  and says, “welcome to my houzze, momma!  welcome to my houzze!”

the girl has a way with words, doesn’t she?

so i hang out in the recliner while jasper goes about the business of being an almost 3 year old…

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here she is taking the temperature of some of her horses…  “oh, no!  take tempeuhchure!  houhses sick!”

the diagnosis?  “houhses need nap!”

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and here she is piling on her jewelry…  can’t wear just one necklace or bracelet, oh no!

between her actions and her conversation (not to mention the impromptu singing),  she keeps me quite entertained!

my own little walking entertainment center!  priceless, just priceless!