mom came to visit us for a couple of days and jasper totally monopolized her time 🙂

nah, the three of us had a great time hanging out with each other but i was frightfully lax on the taking of the pictures!

in fact, i only have one:

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here are mom and jasper lilith playing with their colors and shapes – mom called out the shapes and jasper goes from there…  jasper knows her basic shapes and all her colors, of course, so the kindergarten teacher in mom was suitably impressed 🙂

our mornings were lazy but once we got going, we kept going!  we spent time at the gym, in the backyard and,last but not least, at the pool (mom says it isnt a pool, it is a water park – what do you think?  we like the one on randall mill!) but it is just easier to say pool…

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mom, you can see her new kitty cat has joined her bed menagerie – she puts it by her and says, “ohhh, goo-night, kitty!”

we had a wonderful time and jasper was already asking about her neena 10 minutes after she left…  “neena went home?”  “letz call neena!”