natchitoches has a green market every saturday and whenever we are down there, jasper and i like to tag along with arnetta…

going to outdoor markets always makes me want to go home with my arms filled with fresh flowers, homemade sweet breads and local honey!Β  it also always makes me feel the urge to go home and bake πŸ™‚

it was hot, hot, hot but despite the drippy sweat, we had a great time wandering through the booths and it turned out that there was a master gardener booth that was putting on a Butterfly Tea for the kiddos…Β  it was really cool – they had lemonade and darling little tea cookies all spread out and each kid was given a painted lady butterfly to release…Β  then the kids were able to pick out a potted plant (all the plants were ones that would work in a butterfly garden) and to top it off, the kids could get little flowers or butterflies painted on them…

jasper enjoyed each part – the butterflies, the cookies, the lemonade and especially the painting!Β  she had a butterfly painted on one arm and a flower painted on the other…Β  afterward, she said, “mom, look!Β  i have tattoos!”

it was a good morning!

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i was told that she really wanted to paint them herself but she restrained her restless little hands and settled for giving the girl the eagle eye πŸ™‚

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jon, jasper lilith and i enjoying fresh corn on the cob that we picked up at the green market – it was good!!Β  please ignore my mouthful of food and focus on the cuteness of the corn-on-the-cob-eating-girly-girl πŸ™‚

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the next day, we walked down by the river and did some light fishing…Β  and sweating…Β  lots of sweating…

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arnetta and jasper enjoying each others company!

what a weekend!