it is officially hot here!  we have finally hit the full texas heat and are in the 100 plus degrees of summer…  needless to say, the pool is about all we do outside anymore except for some backyard play in the mornings while it is still only (only!  ha!) in the 90’s…

but we manage to find things to do…  indoor things but still, who can be bored with an almost 3 year old in the house?

movies are one Thing:  we took advantage of one of our local theaters summer movie specials and went to go watch the movie Up…  and let me tell you guys, it was wonderful!!  she sat through the entire movie, barely moving an inch, she was so intrigued and drawn in and i was just as immobile with the goodness of it all!

i recommend it – go see it!  it is a wonderful way to spend a hot summer afternoon…

a new stroller is another Thing:  jasper was pushing her rocker around with her doll and/or teddy bear in it and calling it a stroller – cute, right?  sure but after a while, i started to think that the girl needed a real stroller so i started trolling freecyle and it wasn’t long before i found a post about some girly toys and a toy stroller was one of the bunch…  gotta love freecycle!

and here the new-to-us toy stroller with a very happy little girl in tow!

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“oh, mama!  iz that fouh me?”

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“see my stcholluh?  i love it!  iz my new favouhite toy, mom!”

her new favorite toy, huh?

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“shush, mom!  baby iz sleeping!  shush, we bettuh be quiet!”

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and birdwatching is another Thing:  and here is a picture of another of her “favouhite toys” – a pair of sonic kids meal binoculars… she is easy to please, isn’t she?

now she already knew what binoculars were – she has seen us use ours and she likes to use mom’s when she is at her neena’s house to look at faraway horses but man, she loves these things – i would have a picture of her using them but i can’t seem to catch her using them in time!!

so this is the impressive (well, to me!) part:  she used the binoculars for “buwd-watching”…  again, i kid you not…  where does this girl gets these concepts???

within minutes of getting them, she had them up to her face and was peering out of the car window saying, “i buwd-watching now!  look, i see buwd!”

jon and i were like, “what??!!  what??!!  did she just say she was bird-watching??!!”

but she did and she does bird watch – when we go out in the backyard in the mornings, she kind of stalks around telling me to be quiet and hunting for birds…  then she blows the whole quiet thing by squealing when she hears or sees one…  plus she likes me to pull my own binoculars out and bird-watch with her…  which, of course, i do!

so far, we have seen plenty of grackles (no surprise there), some sparrows, some cardinals and our falcons as well…  she loves to hear the falcons and always gives a particularily loud shriek (eardrum popping, by the way!) when she hears the falcons…

i got a bird book filled with local birds for her from the library but she isn’t too interested in the book – she wants the real thing – but it is a good resource for me to have as reference…  since, “i don’t know what kind of bird that is” gets pretty old to both say and hear!

anyway, here is to our stroller pushing, bird watching little one!  may she continue to enjoy herself and make life so much more interesting for jon and i!