here are a couple more examples of how jasper lilith is just too independent for my own good – yes, my own good since i know it is for her own good…  that sentence was rather confusing, wasn’t it?  oh, well, moving on…

yesterday morning, i hear, “mom, i need help!” from jasper’s room so i head on in there to see what she needs and this is what i see:

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i ask her what she is doing and she says, “i picking my shuut out but i need pants!”

at this point, i trot out the camera and make her wait (she is used to it) while i snap a few pictures of her…  and then we move on to getting her clothes for the morning…

now for my confession:  y’all know that she can pick out her own shoes but i usually pick her outfit out – not because i want her to look a certain way but just because it is faster – faster and more efficient…  so i must admit to a little mental “argh” when she started wanting to pick her own clothes out…

because even jasper doesn’t have the word “efficient” in her vocabulary yet…  yet…

but turns out that, at this point, she just wants to pick out one item – maybe the shirt one day and maybe the pants the next day and always the shoes but the rest is up to me…  so it is working out in a very non-hassle type way 🙂

and she still matches…  so far 🙂

however, here is another example of her, “no, momma!  i do it!” that i don’t mind at all:

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she now puts her dishes in the sink (unprompted no less) and rinses them too!

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she drags her stool over to the sink and runs water and soap over her plate or bowl and then washes her hands and face all by herself…

now this, i can’t complain about at all!!!!