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imelda marcos should be so lucky…

i always let jasper pick out her own shoes (lord knows she has plenty of choices!) and other than making sure they are on the right feet when she comes out (and, yeah, they always are!), i don’t worry about whether they match her outfit or not…  i mean, really, what does it matter?

anyway, today i shout out my normal, “go get your shoes, jaspy!  let’s go workout!” and off she runs to her closet…

she comes back out into the living room with her boots and i say, “boots?  are you sure?  it is hot outside.”

and do you know what she says?  “yes, mom, boots!  today i need boots on!”

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what does a mom say to that?  well, this mom just chuckled and said, “well, if you need boots, then you need boots!”

and so i watched her pull her much-needed boots on and we ran out the door…

(with the teddy bear in tow!)


the rabbit hole…

so i hear, “momma!!  don’t come in, ok?  i play by myself, ok?”

and then i hear a door shut so i walk around the corner to see what the story is and i see this:

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a very shut door to jasper’s room…  with a little girl telling me to “not come in” from the other side of this closed door…  huh…

and just to test the waters, i knock on the door and call out a “hallo the house!” and, to my surprise, she throws the door open wide and says, “come in, momma!”

hmm, i like this version much better!  so i go in and she points me to the recliner…  i sit down and jasper turns back to shut the door again (with me inside the room this time!)  and says, “welcome to my houzze, momma!  welcome to my houzze!”

the girl has a way with words, doesn’t she?

so i hang out in the recliner while jasper goes about the business of being an almost 3 year old…

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here she is taking the temperature of some of her horses…  “oh, no!  take tempeuhchure!  houhses sick!”

the diagnosis?  “houhses need nap!”

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and here she is piling on her jewelry…  can’t wear just one necklace or bracelet, oh no!

between her actions and her conversation (not to mention the impromptu singing),  she keeps me quite entertained!

my own little walking entertainment center!  priceless, just priceless!

neena and jasper lilith…

mom came to visit us for a couple of days and jasper totally monopolized her time 🙂

nah, the three of us had a great time hanging out with each other but i was frightfully lax on the taking of the pictures!

in fact, i only have one:

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here are mom and jasper lilith playing with their colors and shapes – mom called out the shapes and jasper goes from there…  jasper knows her basic shapes and all her colors, of course, so the kindergarten teacher in mom was suitably impressed 🙂

our mornings were lazy but once we got going, we kept going!  we spent time at the gym, in the backyard and,last but not least, at the pool (mom says it isnt a pool, it is a water park – what do you think?  we like the one on randall mill!) but it is just easier to say pool…

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mom, you can see her new kitty cat has joined her bed menagerie – she puts it by her and says, “ohhh, goo-night, kitty!”

we had a wonderful time and jasper was already asking about her neena 10 minutes after she left…  “neena went home?”  “letz call neena!”

another harvest…

so we (we!  huh, who am i kidding?  i mean, jon…) – so jon harvested the garlic patch and the onions to make room for some sweet potatoes…

look how pretty they all are!

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i plan on braiding the garlic and letting them dry out in the pantry – wow,  i am going to have garlic hanging from my ceiling…  man, if i had a cellar, i would call myself laura ingalls wilder and wear a homespun dress!

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and our pretty little onions!  these smell so green and fresh – a different kind of oniony smell than what you find in the supermarkets…

my tomatoes are killing me!  they are big but still green – we need several hot, hot days to have them ripen and it keeps raining on us 🙂

but i am not complaining about the rain (not really), it won’t be long before we go into our regular dry texas summers…

where’s waldo?

we had a massive storm come through last night and it took the top of one of our trees off – well, not literally off…  that last part was jon’s job…

so he monkeyed up the tree and went to work!

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this is what i saw out of our bedroom window 🙂

jon…  in a tree…

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jasper is going, “daddy, whatcha doing up theuh?  tree has a bobo?  auh you fixing it?”

jaspy, if you haven’t figured it out yet?   your daddy can fix anything

chopstick action!

jon calls me as he is heading home and tells me to be ready to go when he pulls in because we are going out to eat…  so i salute him and get jasper and myself ready to go 🙂

we decide on sushi and head on over to one of our favorite sushi joints…

it isn’t a kid-oriented restaurant but they are always nice enough to put together a little dish for her – this time, it was rice, french fries and chicken…  with chopsticks 🙂

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even better, the waitress jimmied jasper’s chopsticks together with a rubber band and some paper so that she could easily use them – just pinching them really…  i have got to remember how to fix them like that!

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why use only one hand when you can use two?  one hand dipping a french fry in some ketchup and the other hand using her chopsticks to get some rice!

the rice went in her mouth first 🙂

a purse, a baseball bat and a ball…

so we are off to the gym and then to the playground and as i run around trying to get my act together and out the door, i ask jasper if she is ready to go and she says, “oh my gawd!  just minute, momma!”

i dart around some more and then i am brought to a full stop by two things that happened simultaneously…

just as jasper yells,  “ok, momma!  i weady now!  letz go!”, i also happen to catch sight of my purse…  stuffed to the gills with her baseball bat and her ball (which is hidden in the other pocket)!

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yep, looks like jasper lilith is ready to go!