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the 1st day of school…

we had A Milestone today – jasper’s first day of preschool…

and here she is – as excited about going to school as she could be!  her nervous?  no…  me nervous?  yes…  oh, yes

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she is wearing a birthday dress from wendy that was seemingly made to be a 1st day of school dress – i loved it, she loved it, perfect!

the tennis shoes, however?  again, all her…  i had these cute flats that actually worked with the dress but she said (in this serious, no nonsense voice), “no, mamma, i need my tenny shoes for the playgwound.”

right…  well, ok, then, let’s get those tennis shoes on and let’s just hope clinton and stacy don’t ever find out…

she kept twirling in the dress so it was quite tricky to catch her mid-twirl 🙂

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here she is admiring her new tennis shoes in the sunlight…  i guess she thinks they go perfectly with the dress 🙂

by the time we leave, she is tired of waiting – she is standing at the door with her panda pack on and she goes, “mom!  im weady fouh school now!  letz go, peaze!”

so we go…  and my tummy is full of butterflies…

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oh, it was kind of like a countdown to me by this point…  take picture of jasper, check…   leave house, check…  get in car, check…  arrive at school, check…  get out of car…  get out of car…  no, really, get out of car…  fine, check…

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and here she is…

moms, ladies,  i had a universal parental experience today…  a mother moment so pure in its intensity that it kind of knocked me to me knees – figuratively speaking, that is…  can’t be seen as the overly emotional mom on the very first day…

as i watched that little girl saunter (and, oh, did she saunter) into her classroom and listened to her say, “hi, ms. barb!” with such confidence and calmness (like she had been doing this for months now!), it just hit me… and hit me hard

there was my insanely confident child, my barely even 3 years old child, walking around her new classroom like she owned it, sitting with her new classmates like she knew them and i realized that i was about to become peripheral to her days…   she will be doing Things and i won’t be there… on a continuous basis…   and that it is already upon us:  this is the really truly real beginning of her development into Her Own Person…

i mean, it is obvious and healthy and, hello?  of course, but still...  there she is and here i go and, man, i felt those invisible scissors snick that dense string free…

and so i kissed her goodbye (she threw a casual, “bye, mom!” back at me and went back to her puzzle) and i took several steps back to appreciate the fullness of the moment, to realize how shockingly proud i was and how surprisingly sad and bereft i felt and then?   i hightailed it out of there as fast as i could…  my goal at that point narrowed down to:  1)  get my sunglasses on because i am not going to make it to the car and 2)  make.  it.  to.  the.  car.

and i did…  i got my sunglasses on and i made it to the car before the inevitable happened…   i cried…  and cried some more as i drove away while calling my mom and my hubby…  in that order…

yep, universal…  and still so very personal

jasper at play…

we had a busy weekend!!

my favorite consignment event was putting its fall/winter stock up so heather and i did some major shopping saturday night – jasper is set for fall and winter school clothes and shoes and i found some great things!!  now i just have to wait until the weather gets cooler so that she can wear some of the stuff 🙂

here are a couple of random shots of jasper doing her own thing around the house:

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what you can’t hear is jasper going, “look!  i’m flying!  i’m flying!  look at me go, mom!”

keep flying high, sugar!

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and here is jon and jasper hanging out with each other…  jon is cooking dinner and jasper is making “awt” as she would say…

i was running around getting ready to go out for the evening and they are just relaxing, doing their own things and enjoying each others company…

it made me want to pull up a stool and hang out with them…  almost 🙂

happy 3rd birthday, jasper lilith!

well, can you believe it?  jasper lilith is 3 years old…

i can’t really grok it and i have stopped even trying to!

we had a whirlwind of a day today and i have finally gotten a chance to post a real happy birthday post…

it is storming outside and i am sitting on the couch with a hot cup of peppermint tea and i am still not able to fully grok that i have a 3 year old asleep in house…

jon came home early and we had a mini-birthday celebration that consisted of pizza and homemade ice cream sandwiches…

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we already did the cake but i couldn’t let her go without something sweet and on fire on her actual birthday!

so last night, i made some snickerdoodle cookies and sandwiched leftover vanilla ice cream (from the party)  between the cookies…  then i rolled the ice cream edges in some pink sprinkles i found in the pantry and taa-daa!  homemade ice cream sandwiches with a little personal touch!

she even got to blow out a candle 🙂

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yum, melty and pink!

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looks like she is enjoying it – i know that jon and i enjoyed ours!

then it was off to her preschool to meet her teacher!  afterward, we stopped by the lake to enjoy the storm over the waters and then headed home to open presents!

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heather, do you recognize this?

(heather had given her this cool car track a while back and i put it up in my closet to pull out at a later date but i decided that instead of buying her another toy, i would just wrap this up and give it to her – i did say it was from heather, david and duncan though…)

she must have seen this at duncans before because she opened the bridges and cars first and went, “oh, but wheuh’s the twack?”

so i am assuming that she has played with it before especially since before we could mention who gave it to her, she asks me if, “header, ‘avid, duncan give it to me?”

memory like a steel trap!

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here is jon and jaspy putting the track together…

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it was way past her bedtime at this point but what is a birthday for if not to loosen the rules just a bit?

they had fun and when we finally enforced the sleeping factor, jasper asked, “can i seep with twacks, mom?”

at my laughing no, she then asked, “well, can twacks go in my woom, peaze?”

now that we can do, love…

and so we did and now the tracks are in the room with our fast asleep rocket of a 3 year old…

gah…  it doesn’t get any easier to watch them have birthday after birthday, does it?

i didn’t think so…

happy birthday, jasper lilith – you have our hearts…

we met her teacher!

tonight was “meet the teacher” night at jasper’s preschool and, man, jasper was excited!

“i go meet my teachuh now, mom?  you coming with me?  ah you and daddy going to leave me theuh?”

and, by the way, my answer in the negative to her asking if i was leaving her was met with disappointment…  disappointment!

this girl can’t get to school fast enough…

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oh, yeah, she picked those shoes out herself!  she also insisted on the necklace…

(mom, it is my puka necklace with the heart locket and she wanted to wear it to match the hearts on her dress!)

she goes, “oh!  i need my hut necklace too!”

as we left the classroom later that night, jasper lilith ran up to miss barb and gave her a big hug and whispered, “bye, miss barb! see you mundey!” in this amazing little girl voice…

i think i melted on the spot 🙂

not just a birthday but a little gym day, too!

it is a big day today for jasper lilith!

she turned 3 years old (be still my aching heart), she had her first little gym class, we are going to have a tiny birthday celebration and this evening, we all go meet her teacher!

that is a lot of firsts in one day 🙂

i was originally going for the gymnastics class at the little gym but mom talked me out of it…  her thought was that the class wouldn’t be enough of a challenge for jasper and after i thought about how easily she did everything in that first gymnastics class she had, i ended up agreeing with her…

so i went with what is called a sports skills class – it is an intro. class to soccer, t-ball, basketball –  those kind of basic team sports…  it sounded like it would be challenging enough for her plus i thought it would be a good idea to have her learn how to work with other kids as a team…  well, as much as 3 and 4 year olds can work as a team 🙂

today was her first class and there were only 2 kids in it!!

i was a little concerned in that it would defeat the team building skills part but i have been assured that the gym always has a slow start for the fall semester and there should be more kids joining in the next couple of weeks…  here’s hoping!!

so here we go:

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the point was just to do little baby kicks with the ball…

(there were bubbles all over the floor from the last class and jasper kept wanting to run over and pop them!)

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now they are throwing a ball in the air and catching it…  neither of the two kiddos could catch the ball but they had a great time throwing!

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this task was to keep the ball on the floor and then touch it with your forehead…

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and passing the ball around your body  – i was impressed that jasper could do this one…

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ah, the destruction of the paper cup tower!!  the point was the throw the ball and hit the tower…

their coach was also trying to see if they threw better with their left or their right hand – jasper was a leftie for the most part but she did throw with her right hand too…

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and after the 3rd time, she finally nailed that tower!!!

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oh, man, did she love the balance beam!  she had no interest in waiting for the coach to help her walk across but he was a quick learner 🙂

it only took her strolling across once by herself for him to see that he didn’t have stand right by her…

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no fear here!!

i think she likes walking across the beam mainly for the dismount at the end!

bevon (the coach dude) mentioned afterward that jasper impressed him with how well she listened and how smart she was – i asked him to clarify (i get so many people that tell me  how smart she is that i have gotten to where i am curious as to what she does that makes a stranger see that, you know?  it is very interesting to me…) and he said that she was clearly thinking about everything he said and taking it in more so than most kids her age…

she is a thinker but that doesn’t surprise any of us, does it?

i think this class is going to be perfect for her and mom, i am glad that i took your advice and put her in the sports class!

we are off to a great year already!

moments in time…

pop and arnetta drove in for jasper lilith’s birthday party and stayed with weekend with us…  and between arnetta and i, we had some great pictures of us all!

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oh, it is rare to catch arnetta on camera!  but it was worth the wait for this moment in time!

that looks like good sweet tea that they are sharing, doesn’t it?

mmm, now i am thirsty…

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i couldn’t decide between the two pictures and then i thought, “why should i have to?  put them both up!”

so i did…

i love your little grin here, arnetta!

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ah, jasper routinely pranced around in her raincoat outfit over the weekend and here she is taking it for a test drive on the bed…

turns out that rainboots don’t hinder bed jumping…

arnetta, jon put the sprinkler out today for jasper to run around in and she got all raincoated and booted up before running out under the water squealing like a banshee high on cotton candy!

in other words, she had a great time!

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pop, jasper and jon hanging out on the couch…

Image Hosted by

and now an impromptu tickle fight between pop and jasper!  i wonder who won?

looks to me like jon is trying to decide if he is going to get in on the action too, doesn’t it?

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does it still count as a family shot if jasper’s head is completely covering up my face?

we are a family of dinosaurs (or dragons, i can’t remember) here and jasper is busy directing us 🙂

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and here is our little daredevil…  this is what i see when i look out my window!  i guess she got bored with just riding her tricycle 🙂

and she isn’t even sweating it – look at that devil-may-care tongue!

so, of course, i dove for my camera 🙂

we had a wonderful visit, didn’t we?  we love you guys and miss you now that you are back in natchitoches…

jasper’s art desk…

when i saw what mom had gotten jasper, i instantly thought i would set up a dedicated place for her to get down and dirty with all this stuff…

and luckily, we had the perfect area!  there is a smal built-in desk in jon’s office that seems to have been built just for this purpose 🙂

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taa-daa!  all her coloring pads and construction paper and notebooks and sketch pads are in the desk drawers…

and all the other art supplies are organized in the plastic drawer set that you got her, mom…

she loved it and cooed, “oh, is this fouh me now!  yay!!  i have an awt desk!!”

and heather, i might even let her play with the playdough you got her in this spot…  i haven’t decided on that one yet 🙂

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as soon as i showed her the new set-up, she went straight for the scissors and construction paper!  man, does that girl love her “school scissuhs” as she calls them 🙂

as of today, she discovered the glue and post it notes…   she likes to stamp the post it notes, glue the backs of them down to construction paper and then cut little lines all over it…

art as its most basic 🙂

i think i am going to add glitter to her box too (do i dare?)…

this was a very well-thought-out gift, mom!  it is perfect for her especially with school about to start!

oh, and the chalk too!

keiran brought two cool gifts too – one of them was 3d sidewalk chalk with glasses (yes, the ones that david was wearing)…  i still don’t entirely understand how it works…

here are the kiddos coloring up my entry way sidewalk…  (the driveway was covered in cars so this was the only concrete that they could find (that i would let them use)…

Image Hosted by

i love seeing them all play together like this…

ladies, we have got a great group of kids, don’t we?

Image Hosted by

they are going to town with that stuff!

which is still there, by the way…  it makes me smile every time i walk up to my front door 🙂

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looks like jasper took her ladybug flip-flops out for a test drive at least once!

leigh, we put the butterfly light in the garden and it is so cool!  it pulses at night through a rainbow of colors and jasper is fascinated by it!

thanks, brooks family!!

the lady bug rain coat in all its glory!

and here it is!

arnetta and pop got jasper matching rain boots, rain jacket and little flip flops…  and oh, are they not the cutest possible thing on jasper lilith?

Image Hosted by

jasper had to go all the way (which seems to be the nature of this wild child) and put the entire outfit on – snapped up to her cute little chin even!

Image Hosted by

here she is prancing around in her jacket and boots – and carrying the matching flip flops!

later she told me, “momma, i can’t weauh my fip-fops yet, they ah fouh going to the pool!  they ah my pool fip-fops, ok?”

the girl knows what she wants, doesn’t she?

Image Hosted by

i love this picture – mom and arnetta took jasper into the bathroom so she could see herself in all her ladybug glory!

Image Hosted by

she goes to make sure jon has seen her in her new outfit:  “daddy, look at me!  see my wain jacket?  see my wain boots?  they have lady bugs on ‘dem!  see??!!”

and then she twirls a bit so he gets the full picture 🙂

Image Hosted by

oh, heather…  this picture is…  well, one for the books, i think…

after the party, the ambrose family stayed to hang out with us and arnetta and i managed to catch this priceless moment of duncan helping jasper on camera…

what a great day full of great moments!

and now for some of the presents…

let’s see, we had cake and ice cream, friends and family, hmmm…  what  is next?


i couldn’t post pictures of all her gifts but thank you cards and future postings should cover all the bases 🙂

and now on to the highlights:

Image Hosted by

jasper lilith had been eying and fiddling with this present since she first saw it so when she got the go-ahead to unwrap, she went straight for it!

it was a basket full of goodies from david, heather and duncan – thanks guys!

heather, she has shown some interest in the pink teddy bear – she likes to sleep with it and it already has several bandaids decorating it as well…

(i guess this house is dangerous for teddy bears ‘cuz every bear she has is sporting a bandaid collection!)

Image Hosted by

oh, and mom got her two great gifts!  the first gift was a membership to the little gym here in arlington – thanks, neena!

and the second gift was several drawers full of art supplies and man, was that a hit with jasper!

Image Hosted by

in fact, she was so involved in digging through the drawers and playing with her new art supplies that we had to remove the present to get her to move on to others!

mom, i have pictures of the art station i set up for her that i will post, too…

Image Hosted by

ah, here is a good shot of some of the women – arnetta, you must have taken this picture since you are not in it 🙂

Image Hosted by

i can always count on wendy to get jasper some adorable clothes and this year was no exception!  in fact, wendy, i think the dress you gave her will be her 1st day of school dress…  a big dress for a big occasion 🙂

there will be pictures of that day, no worries there!

Image Hosted by

here’s arnetta!   jasper is about to get to unwrap The Big Box…

Image Hosted by

but first she finds a neat toy that has magnetic ducks and a fishing pole to catch them with – a bathtub toy hit if i ever saw one!

Image Hosted by

and here we go!  jasper lilith has found her ladybug rain boots!

Image Hosted by

she pulls out the boots and the first thing she does is sit down to take her white flats off!  jasper wants those rain boots on immediately!

but wait until you see the rest…