the 2nd day of school goes over quite fine!

(no crying on my part  – we are officially into the swing of it all!)

wednesdays and fridays are longer days and there is a naptime involved that i was a little chary of but apparently, she did fine!

according to ms. barb, she didn’t fall asleep but she did lay there quietly (for the most part)…

jasper and i picked out a stuffed animal (turns out it was the little pink teddy bear that you got her for her bday, heather) so that she would have something to snuggle with or play with quietly while laying on her nap matt and it seemed to do the job…


and to make the mornings more efficient, i found an darling coat rack and had jon hang  it by the front door down at jasper’s level…  this way, i can keep all of her school stuff (nap matt, panda pack, lunch bag and coats in the winter) together!!

the best part is that since we installed the rack at jasper’s height, she can get the school stuffs by herself and put them up by herself when we get home as well…

it is a brilliant idea if i do say so myself…

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today as i was rushing to get out of the door, jasper goes, “can i go get my stuff now?” and when i tell her yes, she loads herself up and stands at the door until i can fly out right behind her…  ah, the joys of a fiercely independent child are many!

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as i was taking a picture of her school rack, jasper asks me sweetly, “take a pichure of me, momma!”

this is a rare request but, of course, i was glad to oblige 🙂

and the school year is off to a great start!