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running in the green, green grass!

lots of rain, yes, but that didn’t stop jasper lilith from wanting to be outside!

luckily, the rain took a break for a bit on sunday and gave jasper some much needed time to run around…

look how green everything looks!

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off she goes!  “i going on an advenchuuh [adventure] now!  see you latuh!” as she would say…

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uh, huh, she looks a little too innocent and sweet here – those hands behind her back tell a story!

i wonder what she got into on that “advenchuuh” of hers?

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that hair and those feet are flying!

just what little girls should be doing – running, running and running!

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and she takes a break to enjoy the scenery and tell me, “oh, deuh…  theuh is no watuh down theuh anymore!  it is empty now!”

and sure enough, the tiny stream was just a streak of mud more than anything else…

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the spider lilies were everywhere and so beautiful!  jasper kept wanting to pick them 🙂

once she knew she couldn’t pick them, she wanted to stroke and pet them…  yeah, not content just to look!  wants to touch!

i wonder where she got that from?

(don’t answer that)…

it was a good weekend 🙂


in the shop…

jon did a lot of reloading on this trip which meant he spent a good deal of time in the gun shop…

jasper didn’t mind at all since this meant (being the daddys girl that she is) she got to spend time in the shop too!

“0h!  it so cool!  i so excited to be heuh!  whatz that?  can i touch that!”

although the “can i touch that?” question was met with a resounding “NO” almost every time…

jasper would jerk her hand back and say, “oh, i sowwy.”

it didn’t stop her from enjoying herself 🙂

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if daddy is doing it, jaspy wants to do it too – or at least be around him while he is doing it 🙂

it’s a good thing i don’t mind being the third wheel 🙂

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jasper explores all the nooks and crannies as much as she can without touching anything…  well, maybe it is more accurate to say:  without touching too much for too long 🙂

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jasper saw the broom in the shop and took it upon herself to start cleaning 🙂

“heuh’s a bwoom, mama…  i think  i clean up a little bit with it…”

so she pushed some dirt around while jon and i chatted and watched the antics of our little girl…

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ah, back in her daddys lap – all is right with the world…

snapshots of natchitoches…

after spending the night with neena & co., the three of us headed over to natchitoches to visit gram and pop…

it rained on us the whole way down there and pretty much rained the whole time we were down there too – lots of rain, lots of rain…

we had a wonderful time like always but it was much too short – weekends just fly by these days!

while we were there, we skyped the hyams’ in the virginian neck of the woods for a bit so the two cousins could say hi to each other – they were both pretty shy and quiet as first but gradually warmed up to each other 🙂

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here are jon and jaspy checking out uncle louis and cousin juliet (on the computer screen)…

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and now for the striped girl!

“mom, today is a boot day, ok?  i need my boots!”

and so boots it was…  some days are “boot days”, somedays are “pool shoes day” (which seems to be flip-flops) and some days are “wuckkout [workout] shoes day” (which encompasses all her sneakers and tennies)…  hmmm, i wonder when “barefoot day” will come about?

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that apple is almost as big as her head!!!

and she ate it all, too 🙂