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happy birthday, jon!!

my man turned 38 today!

one of the guys that he works with thought he was around 27 or 28 and didn’t believe him when jon mentioned his real age…

i told him that is what he gets for looking so good 🙂

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jasper lilith and i made jon a cake – she stirred and “supervised”…

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look!  i caught a pretty special moment, didn’t i?

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jasper is trying to convince her daddy that “he needs hulp bowing out de candle!”

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it looks like she talked him into it, huh?

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happy birthday, jon!

it has been another wonderful year with you!


not nearly enough!

arnetta, i have some spider lilies coming up in a couple of the flower beds but not nearly enough!

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this flower bed and the rosemary bed are the only two beds popping up with the lilies…

there should be tons more but it doesn’t look like it will be a good year for them 😦

oh, well, at least there are some…

jasper loves them:  “ohhh!  mom, look at ‘dos spiduh lilies!”

she likes to greet them like old friends 🙂

my two headed monster…

jasper lilith was draped over jon’s shoulder and pretty much there to stay…

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my two-headed, red-eyed monster is the best!