jasper is always singing in some part of the house so when i was in the master bedroom and heard her yowling away, i didn’t pay any  mind (other than thinking how funny she is!)…

but then i came walking out of the bedroom and i saw this:

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jasper standing up on the hearth, on the stool!  she is up there just singing and wiggling her little bum off!

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ah, here is a real caught-in-the-moment shot!

she is totally in her zone 🙂

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and now she is starting to get a little embarrassed that i am watching her and taking pictures – of course!

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oh, but i get a finale anyway!

and then she launches herself off the hearth and stool and lands on her feet as proud as proud can be…

as i stood there with my mouth gaping and camera dangling…

another gray hair to add to the rest…