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happy halloween, y’all!

happy halloween from texas!

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here are our night time glow-in-the-dark jack o’lanterns!

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hope everyone has a great one filled with way too much candy!

we love everyone!

a skelly in my closet…

just as a note:

i have this rather grim skeleton on my storm door (jasper calls him “the meany skewaton [skeleton]”) and he is fun, no?

well, yes, he is but he keeps making me jump up in the air like a cat sprayed with water!!!!

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almost every time i come around the corner, i see him out of the corner of my eye and it looks like someone peering into the house!!  and i do a odd little hop in the air out of fright or just start and hiss…  yes, rather like a cat…  you think i would have gotten used to it now but nope, still jumping or hissing!

and sitting on the couch?  almost worse – i see a bush move in the wind or a leaf fall and the movement makes me turn my head slightly and then i do another weird little seated jump ‘cuz i see the skeleton again!!


why don’t i shut the door?  or even take the skeleton down?

because that wouldn’t be any fun, now would it??!!

orange and white jack o’ lanterns!!

we finally got around to carving our pumpkins and we made quite the night of it!

jasper lilith was very involved but it was much easier this year because she could actually help out – yay!

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here is jasper gutting her little ghost pumpkin that she picked out herself…

you can tell by the look on her face that she is a bit grossed out by the sliminess of the guts and seeds but she is doing it anyway!

that’s my girl…

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look at them – they both have their arms stuck up a couple of pumpkins!  and both look pretty serious about it too, don’t they!

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hands, guts, pumpkins and girls – good times!

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making sure she cleaned the ghostie out well…

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and jon lets her degut his pumpkin once she finished her own – oops!  look, she is making that same face!

grossed out and loving it!

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and now we are on to drawing the face on the pumpkin…  so she drew and drew and drew all over that ghostie pumpkin!

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here are the ghostie jack o’ lantern and the more traditional orange jack o’ lantern…

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my jack is done and jasper’s jack is done now all we have left is daddy’s jack to finish!  he always does a neat carving job!

jasper is holding daddy’s lantern candle and is quite eager to light it!

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here are our three crazed and happy jack o’lanterns in broad daylight!  aren’t they fun?

stay tuned for the night time version of glowey pumpkins…

like father, like daughter…

jon had an old laptop sitting around and he finally set it up so that jasper could play games on it!

jasper took to it like an old pro and before you know it, she was using the mouse and operating the laptop like nobodies business!

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two peas in a pod!

wow, look at that…

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jasper is playing a max and ruby game…  she surprised both jon and i with her aptitude for this and i think we will be hard pressed to find games that are challenging and keep her interested…

luckily, there are plenty out there in the wide, wide world of educational kid games!

a parade of princesses, pirates and eeyore…

jasper’s school put on a costume parade for all the parents friday morning…

boy, was jasper excited to be going to school in her princess outfit!

(and there was a surplus of princesses, pirates and superheroes, let me tell you!)

it was funny, all the kids were running around their classrooms waiting desperately for the parade but when it came time to march around?

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we parents saw faces like these!  kind of weirded out and wary faces of all of our children!

i guess they were wondering how all these other parents were?  too funny…

clearly, jasper is thinking, “who in the world is that woman and that woman and that man?  and why is she taking my picture? “

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until she sees me and jon!  she knows who we are!!

she was much happier after she spotted us 🙂

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eeyore dropped all of his candy but it looks like he is about to be knighted by the princess, doesn’t it?

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after the parade, each classroom put on a halloween party filled with goody bags, halloween cookies, too much candy and all that kiddy party kind of stuff!

she had a blast and was fast asleep when i came to pick her up – in fact, she was still asleep by the time we got home!

one pooped little girl there!

boo at the zoo…

jasper lilith has been counting the days until the fort worth boo at the zoo event – literally…

we had a calender and she would ask what day it was and i would tell her and then we would count how many days were left until boo at the zoo – it was a daily event 🙂

when sunday finally got here and i told jasper that it would be that night, i got a very satisfied, “yay!!  finawee [finally] it boo at the zoo tonight!  i can’t wait to be a pwincess!”

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on our way to trick or treat!!

jasper picked out the tights by the way, she said, “the puple tights, mom!  they match!”

“matching” is very important right now 🙂

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jon and jasper lilith…  i love watching them together…  i guess a mom never gets tired of watching her family be a family…

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only in texas would the halloween zoo event have a cowboy on stilts!

“whoa!  he weally tall up theuh, mom!”

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neither of us are looking at the camera but i love how animated jaspy is!!

at this pointk, her bucket is still empty and she is very eager to fix that problem so we are hearing alot of:  “can we go get candy now?  my bucket iz empty!”

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what kind of face is that?

oh, yeah, it is a:  “daddy, i need to get candy!  i need to put somting in my pwincess bucket!”

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all right!  all right!  we are going already!

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jasper is so funny – luckily, she still loves to be kissed by her mama!

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“see, daddy?  see, mommy?  my bucket is empty!  letz go get some candy?!”

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yeah, jasper was interested in frankenstein from afar but once we got in close?  she was leery and didn’t want to be touched by him…

“i don’t like fwankenstein!”

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at this point, she finally has some candy!  hasn’t eaten any yet but at least there is some candy in her princess bucket…

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well, at least this is a good picture of jon!

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at first, jon or i would go up with jasper but it wasn’t long before she admonished us to “stay theuh!  i do it all by myself now!”

as if that wasn’t enough, she put her hand up in the universal, age-old sign for stop!

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wow!  how rare is this!  all three of us?  and jasper with another lollipop!

we had already decided that we would let her eat candy while we were there but every time we asked her if she wanted any candy, she would say, “no, not yet.”

it tickled me because she was so into getting the candy but wasn’t ready to eat the candy…

it wasn’t until we were about 1/2 way done that she sat down and picked out two lollipops that she wanted, “ok, i eat two wollipops, see they match!”

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it was fun while it was daylight but the real treat of this experience is when it gets dark!  all the glowing pumpkins, the lights, the fog and a jasper!

“it dahk!  it kind of scawy now!”

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and “The Kooky Karousel” ride was another hit!

little miss independent tells me, “don’t hold me, mama!  i can do it myself!  don’t use youh hands, ok?”

ok, ok…

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our princess climbing out of the stage coach…  she made some new friends while in the stage coach and as she was leaving, she waved goodbye to them and said, “bye, new fwiends!”

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notice the candy in the bucket?  good times, good times…

jon is taking a break while jasper and i head off to get more candy!  jasper is running to show daddy her new candy and then we are off again!

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the zoo had fog machines positioned along the trails all over the zoo so once it got dark, it was really cool and spooky!

there were ghosts in the trees and here was a jon and jasper conversation about them:

jon: “look, jasper!  see the ghosts in the trees?”

jasper:  “oh!  i see them!”

jon:  “do you see them flying?”

jasper:  “they ahn’t weally fying [flying], daddy.  they just look wike they fying, see?  you so silly, daddy!”

jon:  “uh…”

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by this time, most of the animals were up for the night but the crocodiles and alligators could still be seen – “oh, look at that dinosauh, mommy!  he scawy!”

when i reminded her that it was a crocodile, she said, “it look like a dinosauh to me!  it have lots of shap teeth too!”

and then she went on to tell jon and i a rather convoluted story about crocodiles and alligators and scales and being green and sharp teeth and her telling them no a lot…  that’s about all i got out of it 🙂

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and it’s time to go home!  this is one tired little princess but she isn’t too tired to eat one last piece of candy!

when we got in the car, she started going through all her candy one piece at a time and she finally came upon the perfect last piece of candy – the reese peanut butter cup…

what a yummy experience!

and her costume is??!!

a princess!

she couldn’t decide between a witch and a princess but the tiara and the wand tipped the balance!

she has been so excited to wear her costume!

“is today boo at zoo?  can i weah my pwincess costume now?  with my wand?”

and finally the day arrived 🙂

as i slid the costume on her, she sighs, “oh, yes.  this is puhfect!  i a pwincess now!”

and then goes, “i need to twiwl [twirl] now!”

off she goes to twirl and off i went to get my camera!

she is saying, “magic, magic!” while twirling and wiggling her wand on the video and then she notices that she doesn’t have any shoes on yet – and now we all know that princesses need shoes!

the peppery product…

our house still smells of peppers!!  good thing it is a yummy smell 🙂

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jars of pepper sauce sitting pretty in the window…

now we just have to wait a couple of months to try them out…

habenero peppers in the air…

jon harvested all of his peppers yesterday and today is trying to figure out what to do with them all!

right now, he is in the processing of toasting the peppers to intensify the flavor a little bit and then i guess he will go from there 🙂

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they are pretty, aren’t they?

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these are tobasco peppers that he is drying out…

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and the site of his kitchen magic – you can clearly see the touch of the jasper, can’t you?

her teddy bears are “watching daddy cook”

the entire house smells of peppers and we are all kind of sneezing and coughing with the tickley, hot fumes…

more windows are about to be opened 🙂

digging in the mud…

jon and jasper are getting a late start to our fall garden…

here are some pictures of the two of them digging in the mud yesterday!

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all day, jasper kept asking, “ah we weady to gahden yet, daddy?”  “daddy, i think itz time to go gahden now?”

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dig, dig, dig!

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arnetta, no doubt that those rain boots  have come in handy time and time again!!

oh and was she a walking pile of mud afterward!!