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the cul de sac girls…

the weather was rain and muddy boots on saturday but the sun came through on sunday and it was wonderful!

jon and i did yardwork while jasper played with the kids of the cul de sac – i love that she is old enough to do this!!

caroline (one of jasper’s neighborhood playmates) is 6 but that doesn’t stop jasper lilith from keeping right up with her – they make great playmates!

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once jasper saw caroline outside with her bike, she had to go get her trike as well!

“mama!  i weally need to wide my trike too!”

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for some reason, jasper started a sing-a-long – she started making up a “riding my trike” song and caroline was quick to start singing with her…

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so they ride around and around the cul de sac and up the driveways all the while singing their songs!

too funny…

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and there they go!

not safe for parents…

ok, i admit it, i might be exaggerating a little but chuck e. cheese?  not impressed.

jasper, however, loved it!

a school friend of jasper’s had her birthday party at chuck e. cheese this past sunday and this was the first time that i had been in one since i was a kid!

there were a fair number of games and rides and once jasper had her little cup of tokens, she was ready to rock and roll…

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jasper is not that impressed with this ride – she is asking me to “make it go fastuh and highuh!”

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now this game she liked!

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she hit those things as hard and as fast as she could and had a blast doing it!

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jasper particularly liked the racing games but she couldn’t reach the pedals so i would have to work the pedals while she worked the steering wheel – now this i liked…  she really got into it and i had fun watching her gasp and twist and turn while she maneuvered the tracks!

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“mama, this wide is fouh itty bitty babies!  i not itty bitty anymore.”

so that ride is out to then 🙂

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after the rides and the games, we moved on to pizza!

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happy birthday, sutton!

(janelle, jasper picked out sutton’s bday present herself and do you know what she picked out?  a candyland game just like hers!  she saw it at target and said, “oh, mama!  sutton needs this game!  i love this game!”)

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here is chuck e. cheese himself!  it was kind of funny, all the little girls except jasper were scared of chuck e. – the boys weren’t and jasper wasn’t but none of the other girls wanted anything to do with the man in the suit 🙂

which surprised me, jasper doesn’t usually like people in costumes but she had no problem with the man-sized mouse.

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and now we have the cake!  the all-important birthday cake 🙂

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i know, i complain about the venue but in general, we had a good time…  i couldn’t help but have fun watching jasper have fun!

and boy, did she have fun!

goodbye the little gym!

thursday was jasper lilith’s last day at the little gym!

there was a “see what they have learned” type graduation and all of us parents had a great time cheering the little monkeys on!

volleyball, soccer, t-ball, football and basketball:  all covered; whoop!

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if you can believe it:   in this picture she is hamming it up and calling out, “thank you!  thank you, ladies and gentlemens!”


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and now she is taking the clapping and laughing as her due 🙂

the cheeky monkey.

(next up?  a technical gymnastics class that jasper was lucky enough to get into even though she is only 3 years old!  pictures of her first official day at the studio will soon follow…)

jasper lilith and her mocker…

mocker puts up with jasper loving on her…

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jasper is giving the dog a thorough going-over…

“mama, i just checking heuh paws out fouh stickers!  no stickers!”

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when i asked what she was doing now, she goes, “oh, mama!  you so silly!  i just loving on mockuh!”

so silly of me to ask!

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a great big kiss from the girl to the dog…

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and now mocker is done with being loved on and about to move on about her business…

thanks, mocker!

(and thanks, jasper, for being so cute!)

bye-bye, paw-paw!

dad left today but he got a big hug before he went!

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“bye-bye, paw-paw! come back and see me!”

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we had a great visit and we were sorry to see it end so quickly!

‘bye, dad – we love you!  mimi, we wish you had been here!  (and chester, too!)

love ya’all.

that’s not very nice, is it?

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umph, so there!

rolling and flying and squealing and barking…

after all that candy and indian food, jasper had plenty of energy to play puppy and helicopter with her paw-paw!

luckily, her paw-paw was full of energy and food too!  he gave as good as he got!

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jasper just got got!  and a nonblurry picture of roughhousing?

no.  such.  thing.

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“i flying!  i flying!”

and she sure is!

thanks, paw-paw!

hawks, hawks and more hawks!

one of the reasons dad came down here was to visit the big safari convention they have here…  so on saturday, we all went and wandered around to catch the sights…

had a lot of fun (and lots of candy!  most of the booths had bowls of candy on them and dad was intent on making sure that jasper got her fair share) but one of the really neat booths was the texas hawking booth

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here we have a jasper lilith, a paw-paw and a female peregrine falcon…

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she is wowing over the raptor 🙂

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jasper actually got to touch the falcon and she was oh, so careful and gentle about it!  she took it seriously but was thrilled that she got to “pet the bird!”

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neat, huh?

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now she is listening intently to whatever the handler (hawker?) is telling her about the raptor…

that was a neat booth and they had some beautiful birds there!


another game of candyland!

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janelle, i think you have created a monster!  or maybe we did when we showed jasper lilith how to play…

either way, i see way too much candyland in our future 🙂

showing off her jewels…

after school today, jasper came home and asked to see her “neklace, eawings, othuh neklace and othuh eawings” and off she went to get them out of my jewelry cabinet!

and what did she want to do with them?

well, first she admired them all (the opal necklace and earrings and the moonstone necklace from her paw-paw and mimi plus the necklace and earrings from her pop – are those sapphire, arnetta?)

and then she showed them each to mocker who was hanging out in the house with us…

mocker was not in the least impressed but jasper enjoyed walking the dog through each piece 🙂

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and then she set them up so roan could see them!  roan had gotten in trouble earlier so he was outside but jasper didn’t want him to feel left out and so she made sure that she got to see her jewelry as well…

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here she is telling him (the dog!) what each piece is and who gave it to her!

i was highly amused and she has quite a stash of nice jewelry for a 3 year old…

of course, now she is asking to get her ears pierced:  “mama, when i get my eahs pierced too?  when i older?  how about when i fouh [four]?  maybe i be old enough then?”

all i could say was, “talk to your daddy, love, that is between you and him.”

and that is the truth.