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it is christmas eve!

here are jasper lilith and juliet in their christmas eve pajamas!

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ready and not-at-all patient for christmas to be here!

in fact, jon had to employ that age-old bribe of, “the faster you fall asleep, the sooner santa claus will be here!” and what do you know?

it worked!!

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which gave her daddy time to put her pony together!

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and gave uncle louis time to put juliet’s scooter together, too!

(by the way, isn’t it funny how we parents are almost as excited as the kiddos?  but for very different reasons now – christmas eve is full of the potential happy squeals that will soon come – and i love, love, love that!)

and the girls meet again…

we arrived in natchitoches and right off the bat, there was giggling…  a lot of giggling!

which is exactly what we wanted to hear 🙂

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it takes two little girls to push that big ball around!

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jasper lilith with both hands full!  juliet in one hand and juliet’s baby doll in the other 🙂

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“no, juliet.  don’t hold this ‘and, hold that ‘and!”

as we all know, jasper likes to give “direction” and it turns out that juliet takes “direction” well!

convenient, huh?

if jasper was doing it, juliet was trying to do it as well!  for the most part, jasper was ok with her little shadow but sometimes the three-year-old factor would raise its ugly head and then “alone time” was necessary…  kind of a recharging time for jasper lilith 🙂

juliet was fascinated by her big cousin and it showed!  they were very, very cute together 🙂

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see?  two cute little cuties!

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and my man with his hands full!  a girl on each arm!

good that you have been working out, isn’t it jon?

everybody looks pretty happy to be right where they are…

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and here is uncle louis buried beneath the two girls and a dog!  wait, you can see uncle louis, can’t you?

he is there, i promise!

the girls got along pretty well this christmas – we had our share of jasper declaring that she “needed alone time” and that she “was getting fwustwated [frustrated]” and she also taught juliet a new word:  “mine.” as in “juwiet, thatz mine!”...  yep, we are going to focus on the positives of that and just say she contributed to juliet’s budding vocabulary with the word “mine”…  sorry, susan!

but for the majority of the time, the two were good companions for each other and each year will get better and better!

i didn’t take nearly as many photos as i usually do – i was kept pretty busy playing mediator and interpreter between the two girls and it turns out that it is a lot of work!

a full time job you might say 🙂

next year, juliet will be talking and then those two should be fast friends!  oh, the giggling that we will hear then – in fact, stocking stuffers  might have to be ear plugs for the grown-ups!

we can’t wait!