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showing off her jewels…

after school today, jasper came home and asked to see her “neklace, eawings, othuh neklace and othuh eawings” and off she went to get them out of my jewelry cabinet!

and what did she want to do with them?

well, first she admired them all (the opal necklace and earrings and the moonstone necklace from her paw-paw and mimi plus the necklace and earrings from her pop – are those sapphire, arnetta?)

and then she showed them each to mocker who was hanging out in the house with us…

mocker was not in the least impressed but jasper enjoyed walking the dog through each piece 🙂

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and then she set them up so roan could see them!  roan had gotten in trouble earlier so he was outside but jasper didn’t want him to feel left out and so she made sure that she got to see her jewelry as well…

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here she is telling him (the dog!) what each piece is and who gave it to her!

i was highly amused and she has quite a stash of nice jewelry for a 3 year old…

of course, now she is asking to get her ears pierced:  “mama, when i get my eahs pierced too?  when i older?  how about when i fouh [four]?  maybe i be old enough then?”

all i could say was, “talk to your daddy, love, that is between you and him.”

and that is the truth.

a second christmas!

dad is in for a visit and with him, there came presents!

so we got a little second christmas  🙂

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and her first present is?

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janelle, it’s the candy land game!  and she loved it!

she goes, “oh, it’s my game!  can we play it now?”

we didn’t play it that night but we did play it tonight and i won – yeah, that’s right, i won!  jasper kept getting cards that had her going back – she would get a card that had her go backwards and moan, “oh no, not again! this iz tehwible [terrible]!” but lo and behold, the optimism of a 3 year old!  because after that, when she would draw the next card, she was say, “maybe i win this time?!”

but nope, i won 🙂

but we all had fun playing!  thanks, aunt janelle, uncle j.d, cousins raquel, jolie and gage!

wait, and crystal and shelby too 🙂

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dad and barbara gave her some great clothes and a beautiful moonstone necklace…

jasper actually gasped when she saw it and had to put it on right then and there!

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and with a sweet hug to her paw-paw, our second christmas was concluded!

thanks everyone!