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rolling and flying and squealing and barking…

after all that candy and indian food, jasper had plenty of energy to play puppy and helicopter with her paw-paw!

luckily, her paw-paw was full of energy and food too!  he gave as good as he got!

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jasper just got got!  and a nonblurry picture of roughhousing?

no.  such.  thing.

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“i flying!  i flying!”

and she sure is!

thanks, paw-paw!

hawks, hawks and more hawks!

one of the reasons dad came down here was to visit the big safari convention they have here…  so on saturday, we all went and wandered around to catch the sights…

had a lot of fun (and lots of candy!  most of the booths had bowls of candy on them and dad was intent on making sure that jasper got her fair share) but one of the really neat booths was the texas hawking booth

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here we have a jasper lilith, a paw-paw and a female peregrine falcon…

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she is wowing over the raptor 🙂

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jasper actually got to touch the falcon and she was oh, so careful and gentle about it!  she took it seriously but was thrilled that she got to “pet the bird!”

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neat, huh?

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now she is listening intently to whatever the handler (hawker?) is telling her about the raptor…

that was a neat booth and they had some beautiful birds there!


another game of candyland!

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janelle, i think you have created a monster!  or maybe we did when we showed jasper lilith how to play…

either way, i see way too much candyland in our future 🙂