the weather was rain and muddy boots on saturday but the sun came through on sunday and it was wonderful!

jon and i did yardwork while jasper played with the kids of the cul de sac – i love that she is old enough to do this!!

caroline (one of jasper’s neighborhood playmates) is 6 but that doesn’t stop jasper lilith from keeping right up with her – they make great playmates!

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once jasper saw caroline outside with her bike, she had to go get her trike as well!

“mama!  i weally need to wide my trike too!”

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for some reason, jasper started a sing-a-long – she started making up a “riding my trike” song and caroline was quick to start singing with her…

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so they ride around and around the cul de sac and up the driveways all the while singing their songs!

too funny…

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and there they go!