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smoothie time (like hammer time but with taste)!

we made berry smoothies this morning and boy, were they good!

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“mmmm, smooth smoothy, mom!”


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yeah, that hair can get in the way, huh!

she was super stoked to get her smoothie in a long stemmed glass like mama and daddy!

“i be careful, mom!  it’s fragile, i’m so gentle with it, see?”

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hey, there!!!

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you know you watch the food channel a lot when your 3 year old daughter knows what a garnish is!

she goes, “let’s get some grapes, mom!  the smoothie needs something extra!”

and then she says, “we put it on the side like a garish!”

a what?  ooooohhh, a garnish!  huh…

so then she proceeds to cram the grape on to the side of the glass 🙂

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jon comes to her rescue by slicing the grapes and then she started garnishing away 🙂

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“cheers, daddy!”

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see?  tasty, tasty smoothie time!

the vehicles of the sky!

jasper lilith grabs the broom, throws her leg over it and then takes off around the house yelling, “witches need brooms to fly, mama!”

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as if i didn’t know that!

speaking of witchy tricks:  i told jasper not to do something the other day (i don’t remember what) and when i turned around, she was stilling doing it…  so i told her to stop or we were about to have an issue and she tells me, “shhh, mama.  i’m invisible.  you can’t see me!”

i guess she had her invisibility cloak on again?

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a shouted, “take off!” here.

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and then as she makes her last circuit around the house, she throws me a look over her shoulder, tosses an air kiss in my direction and cries out, “bye, mama!  don’t wait up!  it’s girls night out tonight!”

have a great time out with the girls, love!   i know i always do!

digging in the dirt!

can you believe it?  it is about to be spring/summer garden time!

with that in mind, jon and jasper went seed shopping and onion set shopping today…

and then they spent some time in the dirt 🙂

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the winter garlic is not yet ready to pull (that won’t be until may or june) but that still leaves us plenty of room for the rest of our summer garden:

tomatoes, hot peppers and onions…  that’s it – we are keeping it simple this summer and also?  i want lots of tomatoes so most of the garden will be tomato plants!

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“whatcah doing, daddy?” and then when he answers, “why, daddy?”

because for a couple of months now, that is the follow up question to EVERYTHING!  “why?”, “but why?”, “how come?”, “what for?” but really, mostly it’s, “why?”

as with so many other jasperisms, i expected to have another year or so before “why” became her favorite word but nope – it is in full force…

in fact, by the end of each day, i will admit to being really tired of answering the why questions but that’s my job!

so she asks and i answer as best i can and we move on…  until the next why question…

the good thing is that she does listen to the answers and she doesn’t ask why about the same things…

so there is that 🙂

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here she is putting her shovel right by her daddies shovel…

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“isn’t mocker beautiful?  she is the perfect doggie.”

it’s not mocker that i think is beautiful, sweetie but i love that you do!

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once the onion sets were planted, jon and jasper moved on to planting our heirloom tomato seeds in some egg cartons…

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“just do what i am doing, jasper.” jon tells her.

as if she would do anything else…

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i loved watching their hands together…

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two heads are always better than one 🙂

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one little dirty hand and one big dirty hand…  a good picture of a good memory…

here’s to the beginning of the growing season!

handmade straws…

the straws that come attached to the little individual orange juice boxes just aren’t good enough anymore for jasper lilith…


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she wanted to “make” her own…

so she got a straw and a pair of scissors and started cutting the straw down to size…

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why?  i didn’t even ask…  i just appreciated that she wanted to make her own 🙂

a baby doll dress…

arnetta, we got your owl valentine card, thank you!

and the surprise was the dress!!

jasper lilith loved the dress – she saw it and asks me, “mommy, will you put this on for me?” and then she goes, “wait!!!” and then she went, “oh, but first i better go get my princess costume on!”

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here she is sitting on the couch and hugging her newly dress doll…

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so she calls the dress, “my baby doll princess dress”...  yeah, she likes it 🙂

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“cheese!  smile baby!”

a different story:  after her bath, jasper was running around the house naked with her towel thrown over her shoulders shouting, “this is my cape!  now i’m invisible!  mommy, i’m invisible – you can’t see me!”

oh, we see you, sugar monkey!

we see you…

(thanks, gram, for the homemade card and the handmade dolly dress!  we love you!)

happy valentine’s day!

a sleepy morning led to a good day!

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jasper lilith’s little valentine surprise…

“a surprise for me?  oh, daddy, you shouldn’t have!”…  “can i have it now?”

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my little valentine…

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and my much bigger valentine 🙂

happy hallmark valentine’s day!!

the snow people in action!

jon is inciting the rebel!  i clearly heard him say, “go get your mama!”

didn’t you?

fine. so my snowman is smaller than your snowman…

jon gets home (nice and early, thank you!) and decides to “make a real snowman”.

‘cuz my snowman was pretend, i guess 🙂

so off he goes…

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i hope my poor rosemary survives all this snow!

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in my head, he is saying, “uh, huh, now we’re talking!”

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of course, jasper lilith is out there helping as well!

“mama, look how big this snowman is!  but ours is cute, ok?”

is that rubbing it in?  did your daddy tell you to say that??!!

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the boys next door were out enjoying the snow as well and they got in on the snowman building as well…

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here is jasper giving (what seems to me to be) an obligatory pat on the head 🙂

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“he’s tall!  and strong!”

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jasper is checking out his schnooze!

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yeah, jon gave him quite the nose, didn’t he?  all the better to see his profile with, i guess 🙂

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and then after i went inside, jon held the frontlines against jasper, ryan and the older kid (i can’t remember his name!)!

i actually got to yell out, “time to come inside!  dinner is ready!”

and i really wished that i had a triangle to bang on too.

and for the finale?

after we stripped down to our warm and dry clothes, i went straight for the water kettle!

because clearly it is hot cocoa time!

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and jasper lilith agreed with me 🙂

did we expect otherwise?

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“mmm, marshmallows!  it so good and not too hot for my tongue now!”

it was worth the wait, wasn’t it, jasper?

and now for my mug of hot cocoa!

two cold and happy people…

after the snowman construction, jasper lilith and i headed out for a walk…

which lasted all of one block before she was ready to turn around!

“mama, actually, itz pretty cold out here.”

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not that the cold stopped her from eating more snow!

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or trying to catch the snowflakes on her tongue 🙂

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here she is trying to show everyone her caught snowflake 🙂

and here i am ready to go inside and get warm and dry!