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another hyams boy has been added to the mix!

congratulations are to be given to susan and louis for the birth of their second baby – this one a boy!

hello, pierce hyams!

the 3rd grandbaby for arnetta and the 7th grandbaby for pop (and pop, the general consensus is that he looks just like you!), this little one is the newest addition to our hyams clan.

jasper lilith is gathering quite the collection of cousins, isn’t she?

congrats again on your  new baby boy – many hugs from the three of us here in texas 🙂

hit that paper mache head!

piñata time!!

now we know how many men it takes to put up a piñata!

(one more than it would take a woman!)

the girls get in line!  the boys run around in circles 🙂


the first hit goes to the birthday boy!

duncan took it down on the first swing!  but we let all the kids have a go anyway 🙂

jasper was stoked to get her turn!

and she mauled that paper mache head!  she had her whole body invested in each hit but none of us were surprised at how intense she was – we know who her daddy is 🙂

when the piñata actually breaks open, the kids dog piled on to that candy!  jasper grabbed a piece, popped it into her mouth within milliseconds and then stood back and watched…

but not for long!

jasper’s treat bag (well, all the kids treat bags) were straining at the seams by the time they got done with scrounging for candy!

happiness is a full soda and a heavy treat bag 🙂

happiness is also a little girl in a purple dress smiling her heart out…

unless you are a boy…  then happiness is sticking a beat-up piñata on your head and dancing around 🙂

huh, i guess girls like to do that too!

a fun day filled with fun people – happy bday again, duncan!!   i will try and forget that you just turned 8 years old if you don’t mind…

who doesn’t love birthday cake?

after the opening of the birthday presents, we moved on to cake!

the most important part of any party, if you ask me 🙂

they all look pretty busy sucking the frosting off the candles to me!

duncan, jasper lilith and kieran – all growing up way too quickly…

now down to the serious business of eating cake!

which duncan takes very seriously indeed!

(doesn’t take napkins so seriously though!)

the cake disappears and on to the next event!

happy birthday, duncan!

it’s not just my kiddo that is growing up (way easy to get family-centric, isn’t it?), it’s dave and heather’s too!

duncan cooper ambrose turned 8 years old on friday!

whew…  shake it off, shake it off…

so anyway!  they had his birthday party yesterday and let me tell you, jasper was so excited!

“duncan is 8???!!!  when am i going to be 8, mama?”

it’s of dire importance to her, obviously, but i am willing time to slide by just the tiniest bit slower…

the party was at a great park and it was a perfect day for an outdoor party!

and then when you throw in miniature water guns, too?  even more perfect!

i think jasper lilith enjoyed filling her little gun up as much as she enjoyed shooting it 🙂

well, maybe not quite as much…

(this is where i told her of The Cardinal Rule (that i just made up):  don’t shoot the person with the camera.

she can, however, shoot anyone else!  those kids did exactly what kids are supposed to do at a park – run around and scream loudly 🙂

this time, jasper had some daddy help…

or maybe i should say daddy protection!

jasper and duncan having a blast!

well, they are having a conversation but i don’t know what about…

and off they go; my pair of peeps…

jasper found a new favorite drink – hawaiian punch!

my little wild child with her long hair and her daddies face 🙂

we played a game of (as wendy called it) “anarchy kickball” and we quickly decided that jasper would be The Wild Card…

and she did not disappoint us 🙂

she might have been the smallest and the youngest but when has age and height ever stood in the way of World Domination?

a happy girl at a happy party!

and now another conversation!  this time with heather – heather, you look great!

and the opening of presents commences!

happy birthday, duncan!  we had a wonderful time!

serena times two!

mom, here is jasper’s homage to serena and baby brooke 🙂

when i came around the corner and asked what she was doing, she whispers, “shhh, mama!  baby horse is sleeping!”

(baby horse is the giraffe)…

i guess since your serena had a baby, jasper’s serena had to have a baby too 🙂

and then after i took the horses picture, jasper says, “oh, wait!  better get a picture of me with them, too!”

and so she climbs right on…  but doesn’t smile – it’s her serious face 🙂

and here are the real horses:  serena (the mom) and brooke (the filly)!

jasper can’t wait to meet brooke, mom!

she looks pretty comfortable, doesn’t she?

jasper lilith takes a moment to herself with the iphone…

how cozy is that 🙂

and then it was my turn…

we had such a good time playing with the boat yesterday that we went back early this morning for some more!

we went pretty early so the wind was down and i took the windless opportunity to get out on the water by myself and give the boat a go…

it is harder than it looks!  but also more fun as well – it is very satisfying…

Image Hosted by

figuring the oars out here…

Image Hosted by

and there i go!

Image Hosted by

the water wasn’t glass smooth but close enough for me row easily all over the place – thank you, water gods!

Image Hosted by

once i got comfortable, jasper lilith jumped in for a ride…

she is pointing to where she wants to go – “let’s go over there, mama!  over there!”

Image Hosted by

ok, let’s go!

Image Hosted by

and now we are back – my hands hurt and it is jon’s turn to play gondolier 🙂

we spent a large part of the rest of the morning playing on the lake – rowing the boat, fishing and more reading (while the fishing was going on)…

what a nice way to spend a sunday morning!

the maiden voyage!!!

the day has arrived!!!  we finally got a chance to put the sail boat in the water today!!

(warning:  lots of exclamation marks coming)…

it doesn’t have the sail up yet but jon wanted to test it out in the water and get the oars set before dealing with the sails so it has been hanging on the ceiling of our garage for a while now – waiting for the first touch of water…

Image Hosted by

here you go:  jon’s handmade sail boat touches water for the first time!

(right now, it is more of a row boat but that won’t last for too long)…

Image Hosted by

jon heads out to take the boat for a spin while jasper and i watched from the dock…  he wanted to make sure it didn’t take on water (or sink) and play with the oars for a bit before anyone else got on board…

off he goes!

Image Hosted by

“wait!  don’t i get to go on the boat, too?”

jasper did not appreciate being left behind that first time but she survived 🙂

Image Hosted by

“i wonder when daddy is coming back?”

Image Hosted by

here is patience personified 🙂

Image Hosted by

kind of…  you can see the patience starting to wear thin here 🙂

Image Hosted by

luckily, about that time, jon started heading back our way!


Image Hosted by

jon and jasper lilith sittin’ in the tree…  i mean, boat…

Image Hosted by

we have the perfect scenario here:  they go off to explore the lake and i sprawl out on the dock and read my book…

i love when it works out like that 🙂

Image Hosted by

bye, guys!  take.  your.  time.

Image Hosted by

i look up from my book and see my peeps headed back my way…  the book goes down and the camera comes up 🙂

and then i was told to back the jeep and the trailer into the water to get the boat back on it…  so i did, sort of…  with the help of some friendly fishermen…  who were full of advice for the first-timer (the first timer being me, of course)…

it was not busy by the time we left so i got a chance to practice for a bit and by the time i got tired of doing that, i was backing that trailer up like a pro!

thank you!  thank you very much!

happy easter!

i kept thinking yesterday was actually easter!  it was the bunny cake, the cute dresses and the easter egg hunt that had me fooled 🙂

which means i totally forgot to make up jasper’s easter basket!

until the next morning after she had woken us up with her “good morning time” song 🙂

luckily, she is too young to expect an easter basket and jon was able to distract her with making breakfast while i put the basket of goodies together and sneaked (snuck?)  it into her room…

Image Hosted by

a hello kitty basket filled with sweets and a whimsical easter bunny that her neena got for her…

Image Hosted by

i set it on her antique school desk and called her into the room to see if she spotted it – jon was like, “hey, i think you missed something this morning when you got up – do you see anything?”

(i know, i know but really, if we can pretend there is a santa, i think we can pretend that her parents didn’t forget to put the easter basket out before she woke up – that is my story and i am sticking to it!)

she stood there surveying her room with her hands on her hips and finally gasped, “ahhhhh, what is this?????!!!!!”

Image Hosted by

way too  much candy, that is what it is!

Image Hosted by

jon and jasper explore the goodies while she continues to gasp and give us great satisfaction 🙂

Image Hosted by

“look, daddy!  see the eggy m&m’s?  do you want one?  they are really, really good!”

Image Hosted by

“here you go!  i give you one!  you can have this one!”

happy easter everyone!  we love you and wish you a happy chocolate bunny day!

more brand-new kittens!

mom’s barn cat had another litter and while the adults are trying to figure out how to catch the cat after she is done with this one and before she starts another litter, the kiddos love them!

“aw, they are soooooo cute!”

“mama, aren’t they adorable?  i like the yellow one!”

Image Hosted by

she likes the yellow one but i liked the long haired calico one 🙂

Image Hosted by

“let me cuddle them up!  can i hold all of them?”

she sure is trying to hold all of them at once, isn’t she?

after the kitties, we headed on home – it was the perfect way to end a happy day.