i have been very lax, haven’t it?  it’s been busy but for some reason, i haven’t been very good about taking pictures of our busyness!

but here are some shots of jon and jasper being themselves and enjoying every minute of it…

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jon has been working on some armor pieces and what fits on jon’s arm is more like a leg piece for jasper!  at least, that is what she decided 🙂

and the cute part was that when jon had leather bits all around, jasper ran and got construction paper and scissors and ran back into the living room exclaiming, “i need to make some armor too!”

so she laid out and cut her construction paper and jon laid out and cut his leather and they both worked diligently with identical expressions of concentration on their faces – it was freaking awesome.

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jasper testing out jon’s arm piece 🙂

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big hugs!  a moment after this hug, she looked at me and said, “mama, we need to make a jasper sandwich!!” so i obliged her and we made a jasper sandwich!

which just means, of course, that she was squeezed, sorry, hugged between jon and i 🙂

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we don’t go out to eat much but we do love to go out for breakfast on the weekends and i, in turn, love to watch these two interact…

jon and jasper always sit on one side and i sit on the other which makes for some pretty perfect pictures if you ask me!

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smooshy faces!!