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the last day of school has arrived. i can’t quite wrap my head around that.

it is officially summer time!

it was jasper’s last day of school today – can you believe it?

i got teary-eyed when i hugged her goodbye at school this morning because all i could think of was how it seemed like it was her first day of school just yesterday!

kids are such a prime example of how fast time flies…  so very fast…

they had a picnic in the park for their last day so jon and i made sure to show up to celebrate their last school fling…

and it was hot.  and it isn’t even in the 100’s yet.  oy.

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kendra, kimia and jasper taking turns at the see saw…

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after a while on the playground, it was picnic time!  chick-fil-a, no less – yum!

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hot and sweaty will pretty much be the name of the game for some months to come, i think!

at least it will be until we get into the pool!

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sutton, ryan and jasper enjoying their lunches…

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how about those potato chips!

they look pretty good to me 🙂

we had a wonderful first year of school and by the time the next school year comes around, our jasper will be 4 years old!

ok, why did i even go there?  let’s just pretend i didn’t


the first fruits of our summer garden…

all right, well, not fruit per say but garlic!

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jon and jasper pulled up the garlic and our laundry room is about to have a ceiling full of garlic braids dangling from it – i say it makes the house smell like feet but jon says it makes the house smell earthy but either way, it’s worth it!  once the bulbs dry out, i will be roasting those heads in a heartbeat!  roasted garlic, yes!!

i went for a run while jon and jaspy pulled garlic – yeah, jon put jasper to work!  when i went out to say good-bye, jon was pulling the garlic out and giving it to jaspy to put in the bucket – they seemed to have their system all worked out 🙂

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showing off the harvest!

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hot and sweaty from chasing the dogs and helping her daddy!

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looks like it is bath time to me!

i guess i had better go tackle the bucket and start braiding garlic!