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happy mother’s day!!!!

to all of us out there that are too far away for me to hug – thank you for being there for me and thank you for being there for jasper and thank you for being there for jon and thank you for…  well, just thank you!

jasper is holding the mother’s day pot and card that she made for me at school – she woke me up this morning (without jon’s reminder – he had left early, way before she and i were awake to go fishing) with a “it’s mother’s day today!  happy mother’s day!” and then she ran and brought me her handmade presents…

funny how messy pink hand prints and scribbly signatures (you can see a “j” and a “p” but everything else is only recognizable to jasper herself!) are so much more important than anything else in the world when they are made for you by your baby…  my running, conversing, debating, headstrong, precocious, horse-loving, almost 4 years old baby.

us mothers and our will-always-be-our-babies…  oof…

(yes, that is a bandaid on jasper’s forehead…  you run around like she does and you pretty much guarantee a consistent lineup of bumps, bruises and cuts!)

hope everyone had a flower-filled, pancake-filled, happy laughter-filled mother’s day…  you deserve it!


a mother’s day lunch…

mom and i went out for a joint mother’s day celebration with just us three girls…

we met at our 1/2 way point in terrell and all of a sudden, three generations were right at that table…  crazy…  just crazy

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i love to watch jasper and her neena interact with each other 🙂

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mom hugs the jasper and jasper eats the fry 🙂

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yup, still eating that fry!!!  i guess it was a particularly good fry?

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the terrell outlet mall was right by the restaurant we ate at so we took advantage of that and headed on over…  we wandered around a while and got sucked into a couple of stores (that gap outlet is a black hole; just pulled me right in!!) and jasper tagged along when not riding on the mechanical horses that peppered the sidewalk outside the stores 🙂

strategically placed mechanical horses, most assuredly 🙂

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after she was done riding the mechanical horse, she gave it a big hug and thanked it with a kiss on the nose…  i tried not to think about how many kids had touched that nose or done the exact same thing…

we had a great lunch and as always, we wondered why we didn’t do this more often…  time just slips away, doesn’t it??

thanks for the mom day lunch, mom!

jon claude and jasper lilith enjoy each other’s company…

well, of course, they do!!!

i mean, who wouldn’t 🙂

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jon and jasper playing with the ever present iphone at breakfast…

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we went over to a friend’s house the other night and jasper lilith played extra hard with our friend’s BIG dog…  i am not sure whether the dog wore jasper out or whether jasper wore the dog out – it might have been a tie…

needless to say that jasper crashed fairly soon after we got there and she looks pretty comfortable to me!

jon watched the ufc fight and jasper slept on her favorite place to sleep in the world – on her daddy.

jasper and kendra sitting in a sandbox…

karen (kendra’s mom) and i get together once a week for a play date…  although at this point, there is some confusion as to who the play date is for – the moms or the little girls 🙂

but either way, it is a good time of talking, squealing (that would be the little ones, thank you very much) and keeping an eye on the girls while trying to stay seated as much as possible 🙂

now that is a trick, let me tell you!

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but the two of them play pretty well together…

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hi, girls!

finally! no more walking unless i WANT to!

so by now, i am sure that everyone knows my beloved jeep liberty renegade bit the dust about three weeks ago (courtesy of the “man that wasn’t paying attention” as jasper says)…

jasper and i have been borrowing jon’s car on the days she has school and then walking everywhere on the days that she doesn’t go to school…  the weather has been nice enough to make it enjoyable but grumpiness was abound in our house from having to go through the torturous process of Finding and Buying Another Vehicle.


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but our patience was rewarded on thursday when i found My New Jeep!

i found it, i called on it and we went to go see it after jon got off work – and luckily, we all loved it (jasper included…  she goes, “it is very beautiful.  can we take it home now?”)…

after jon negotiated (he is an aggressive negotiator, no joke!  i think the salespeople get sucked into the nice, laid-back guy act until bam!  he decides he is interested and then he gets very unjon-like!)

he got a good price with new all terrain tires thrown in and we picked it up the next day!

this jeep is loaded with gadgets and goodies – i am actually going to have to sit down to read the navigation manual and jasper now has a dvd player for our trips to natchitoches – that will be nice, i think!

needless to say,  it was worth the wait and i feel much better on the other side of this whole experience!

now…  no more pushing that 100 pound (boy, it felt like a 100 lbs.!)  stroller up the hills on the way to the grocery store or my gym…  phew.

the little filly and the little jasper meet for the first time…

jon and i had our warrior dash yesterday so we dropped jasper off at mom’s for sleepover and we headed out…

but before we left, we had to meet the new addition to the horsey family – brooke!

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hi, brooke – she just woke up in this photo…

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and now it was time to introduce the filly and the girl 🙂

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brooke was shy but curious enough to say hi!

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and now back to the business of being a baby!  eating, sleeping and pooping – a quite demanding schedule…

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so while the baby feeds, jasper lilith rides on one of the other horses…  each to her own, eh?

and then jon and i left jasper in the capable hands of her neena and we headed off to get muddy!

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here are jon, wendy and i before the race…

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and here are jon and i after the race!

a little muddy, huh?

and then The Plan was changed:  i found a message from mom when we got back to the car that said jasper was running a fever and wanted her mama – poor girl came down with a little something and wasn’t feeling good at all…

so we headed back to mom’s to pick jasper up…  luckily, by the time we got to mom’s, the motrin mom had given jasper had kicked in and she was feeling a little better…

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last night was rough – her fever got higher and diarrhea made a surprise visit (what?  TMI?  no….) but she seems to be feeling more herself this morning…  at least she is talking again – that is always a good sign that she is feeling better!

mom, she is all about her sprite and her neena’s blanket!  she had a banana and her fever is down but her stomach is still hurting her and there are lots of emergency “i have to go potty!!” visits…

so today has become Pajama Day and we will see if she is up for going to school tomorrow – it might be a Pajama Day again..