jasper lilith came prepared…  or maybe it is more accurate to say that her neena and her mom came prepared.

i packed her panda pack with goodies and mom brought some goodies of her own for jasper!

‘course mom’s goodies won out because they were shiny and new!

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the fancy nancy book garnered a happy, “fancy nancy!” exclamation but what took the cake was the little pet shop puppy!

it’s this tiny bobble-headed toy that is strangely cute 🙂

now this toy saved the day and kept her occupied and playing for the entire lunch!

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“mommy, take a picture of my new tiny baby puppy!”

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here she is crooning, “awww, isn’t she cute?   look into her eyes, mommy!  aren’t they soooooo precious?”

i don’t know about precious but those eyes certainly are big!  now jasper, on the other hand, is precious!

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“she likes to be petted right here, mommy!  just like mocker!”

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jasper had to show her new puppy off and joseph was quite the captive audience 🙂

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lest we forget our old friends, jasper lilith said, “mommy, now take a picture of her too!  we don’t want to leave her out!”

no, we wouldn’t want to do that!

the visitation, the graveside service and the lunch afterward were wonderful examples of that old saying It Takes A Village…  she was very in the moment and solemn but she was also well looked after by every single person there and everyone took turns loving on her and playing with her – she is a lucky girl and i thank you all.