we received a surprise package in the mail today – and by we, i mean jasper lilith 🙂

her gram made her a summer top from a beautiful piece of thai cotton that jasper picked out a while back…

notice how pink it is – yes, jasper loves the pink 🙂

she ripped open the package and held up her treasures for me to take a picture of…

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“mama, look what gram sent me!  you better take a picture for her!”

and almost before i had set the camera down after taking the picture, jasper was peeling her clothes off to try the new top on!

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“i love it!  can i wear it to school?”

i had to put a hold on her wearing it until i could wash it but she’s patient…  most of the time…

arnetta, it fit well – a little big but that just means growing room!  and the shorts were the same plus they go perfectly with the top!

thank you, gram!!!

(did i tell you that she loved the bicycle card that you wrote on almost as much?  she has been carrying it around all day, silly girl!)