jasper lilith started her summer classes last week – karate and dance!

i have some pictures of her first and second karate class but dance will have to wait until i can get some non-blurry ones πŸ™‚

so this is a 3 to 5 year old class that is karate/self-defense – really, it seems to be basic kicks and punches with stranger awareness lessons thrown in…

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at the beginning and end of each class, the instructor calls out a word, i think it’s “pahda” – that’s what it sounds like…Β  and the kids line up and put their little closed fists in front of them and then they wait for the instructor to start the lesson…Β  it’s pretty cool to see all these little kids just stand there patiently in this pose πŸ™‚

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and then they go through some active poses that are also super cute to watch πŸ™‚

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and then they move on to the fun stuff!Β  kicking and punching the bag πŸ™‚

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after they kick or punch the bag, they are supposed to run to their parent while yelling (not screaming – the instructor is very strict about that!Β  but a deep yell)…

needless to say, they love this part!

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some more kicking of the bag!

part of the stranger awareness is what to do if someone you don’t know grabs you – getting out of their grip, yelling and then finding your parent!

it’s kind of scary stuff, isn’t it?Β  but this is a good age to start impressing the difference between strangers and people you know while NOT couching it in fear – and this instructor is doing a fine job of it!

and jasper lilith is so friendly that i run the fine line of teaching her to be careful without squashing her natural outgoing friendliness.

we are enjoying this class so far – the only problem jasper has is wanting to know why she can’t wear her black velvet leotard!Β  so next week (if she remembers because i will not remind her), she will be the only kiddo in class wearing a leotard!Β  but hey, no real reason not to let her wear it…Β  i guess πŸ™‚

hopefully, dance pictures will be coming soon – picture little girls in leotards, tutus, ballet and tap flats if you can and then rejoice in the cuteness of it all πŸ™‚