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a visit from uncle fair!!

this past weekend was spent hanging out with fair – the eldest brother in the hyams clan…  it had been a while since we had seen him, in fact, i think the first and last time he met jasper was when she was 3 months old!

but that didn’t stop jasper from being Very Excited about her uncle fair coming to visit!!

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they became fast friends within, oh, about 10 minutes of fair getting here 🙂

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we wandered around downtown fort worth on saturday morning and checked out the water gardens...

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did i mention it was hot?  (‘cuz it was hot!)…

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we had a great visit with fair and jasper has another favorite uncle to her name – and a stuffed unicorn to boot!

thank, uncle fair!

drawing plans with each other…

when jon has to work at home, it can make him grumpy but for jasper?  it’s a chance to “draw plans” like her daddy!

so that is what she is doing 🙂

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“mommy, you had better come see this!  i am drawing plans like daddy!  do you want to take our pictures??”

and sure enough, she was “drawing plans” 🙂

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now she is checking out jon’s plans…

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and then back to her own to make some adjustments…

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“oh, mommy, are you still taking pictures?”

you bet i am!

(note:  we know have 5 “plans” taped up on the refrigerator that jasper lilith was super-proud of – a couple she took to her art center and added paint, glitter glue and stamps to!)

future architect?  who knows 🙂