i was on the computer drinking my coffee when jon frantically (ok, not so frantically but it sounds better that way, doesn’t it?) waved me over to peer around the corner into jasper’s room…  she had pulled a little stool up to her kitchen and was pretending that it was her “vanity” – which she was at because she was putting makeup on to go running with the girls tonight…

for the record, i do not put makeup on to go running (ugh!) – but the rest sounds about right 🙂

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and then for the super duper cute part, she starts talking on her phone while sitting at the vanity and it was like looking into a futuristic time machine – i got a glimpse of jasper the teenager!

here is a little taste:

(by the way, in the pretend phone conversation,  she has just been pretend invited to a pretend birthday party and she is talking about going to eat pretend cake and so on and so forth)…

i was lucky enough to be pretend invited as well 🙂