jasper lilith loves her finger painting!

but she doesn’t call it finger painting – nope, it’s “outside paints” because that is the only place that i will let her go wild with her finger paints…

(does this surprise anyone?  i didn’t think so.)

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she doesn’t just finger paint, she arm paints!

which is just fine when it is on the porch 🙂

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also,  she has to wear her “outside painting glasses” whenever she paints!

she won’t paint without them – she says they help her see where the paint needs to go 🙂

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it’s like she is wondering how she got paint all over her hands 🙂

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and then she chased me around the porch trying to give me “a blue hug”!!

“you need a blue hug, mama!”

yeah, i don’t think so, miss painterly!

(look how she lines her paint tubes up – so me right there…)