oh, you had better believe she knows where kittens come from but she sure thinks that amber and neena keep her supplied on purpose!

her kitten supply line is about to dry up and mom, she is going to be sad!!

we went to visit mom for a quickie before everybody starts school and we spent most of the time either playing with her kittens or at mom’s school helping out..

it was a nice visit but way too busy and over too quick!

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but look, don’t kittens and kids just belong together??!!

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i think jasper agrees with me 🙂

jon doesn’t agree which is why our house is empty of kittens but jaspy and i are in agreement and wait, don’t we have the majority??

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the kittens look like they are starting to get a bit restless, don’t they?

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she finally sets one free but only to jump up and chase after another one 🙂

good hunting, jasper lilith!