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a package arrives!

dad and barbara sent a birthday package to jasper about a week ago and despite some darling pleas (including one memorable “package for me” dance), i held firm!

she had to wait until the day of her party to open it and wait she did 🙂

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although that picture captures a pretty pitiful waiter, doesn’t it?

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but once she got the go-ahead, she went ahead with enthusiasm!!!

(notice the apron?  it will make several appearances over the next several posts – she likes to wear it it!)

dad and barbara got jasper some great school clothes!!!!  jeans, shirts and a skirt & shirt combo in her birthday colors even!  (pink and chocolate brown – you  must have read my mind, barb!)…

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we tried the clothes on, she admired everything and then she played with the princess card!

thanks for some adorable birthday clothes, paw-paw and mimi!

we love you guys and wish we could have given you our hugs in person…


what is she doing?

here are a couple of random photos (just for you, jon!):

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oops, looks like our jasper got in trouble about something and is now getting The Hug that comes after…  she does look like a grumpy one, doesn’t she?

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pop and arnetta came in for the weekend for jasper lilith’s birthday party (turning 4?  already?  what??!!) and here she is at our favorite thai restaurant opening a pre-birthday bag…

she found a picture of a baby bird from gram’s house and a picture of two of her cousins, juliet and pierce…  but her favorite find in the bag?  an jasper-sized apron!!!

arnetta sewed a little apron from some thai cotton fabric that jasper picked out – now she has an apron like mine 🙂

she had to put it on in the restaurant and when we got home, the first thing that she did was put her apron up with mine 🙂

and i assure you, the apron has already made several appearances – whether we are cooking or not!

too cute!