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well, it wasn’t made for staring at!

after everyone had arrived and we spent some time socializing, we got down to the birthday business of cake and ice cream!

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but first we sang our happy birthday song, of course!

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and then we let her blow the candles out!

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twice 🙂

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nothing could stop the demolition of this marshmallow monkey cake once the candles were blown out – it was almost too cute to cut up but somehow, i managed 🙂

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it must be good!

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did i mention how i had pink frosting all over my carpet?  no?  well, thanks to my mom, i don’t (anymore) – thanks, mom!!

after everyone had their fill of cake and ice cream, we moved on to the presents…


balloons, cake, presents and a four year old girl.

well, she did it – she actually turned 4 years old just like she said she would!

jasper woke me up the morning of her birthday telling me that she “was 4 years old now and 4 year old girls don’t ride tricycles anymore, mama, they ride bicycles!”

i think, at that point, if we hadn’t already gotten a bike for her?  we would have gone out and gotten one 🙂

but what we did that morning instead was get ready for the birthday party!

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here is jasper patiently waiting for her friends to arrive!

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it’s her “marshmallow monkey cake” as requested!!!  apparently, a marshmallow monkey is just a white monkey in jasper-speak 🙂

it looks yummy, doesn’t it?  (it was…)

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uh, huh, she is getting a little antsy and looks a little too close to that cake for my comfort 🙂

but luckily, it wasn’t long before our friends starting pouring it with presents, smiles and plenty of “happy birthday, jasper!” greetings!