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a twosome and a threesome.

we had a wonderful day with everyone at the party but we had a whole weekend with pop and gram!

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arnetta, jasper and jon cheesing for the camera – hi, guys!

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i think jon is smiling enough for the both of them in this shot, don’t you?

we get another weekend with arnetta and pop starting tomorrow so we didn’t have to say “goodbye” to them this time – we just had to say, “see you soon!”

that was a nice thing to be able to say to them!

a bicycle, not a tricycle!

our gift to jasper lilith was…  cue the drums!!!

that’s right, i am sure you guessed it:  a bicycle!!!  (with training wheels)…

and the girl was ga-ga over it (like there was any doubt)!

we waited until all the other presents had been opened and then jon wheeled the bike out for jasper to explode over and insist on riding that very moment…

but fuzzy monkey bike hats first!

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man, that hat is cute!

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here is jon, jasper and kimia ready for the maiden voyage!

she was thrilled with the bike which is a good thing because do you know how hard it is to find a pink and purple girls bike (jasper’s requested bike colors) that isn’t princess, barbie or hello kitty?

it took a lot of searching online and in stores and i had about made up my mind to go with different colors when jon found this one – yay, jon!

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by the way, within about 10 minutes of riding around the cul-de-sac, jasper comes running up to me and tells me that she “don’t need the training wheels anymore, mama!  i want to be a really big girl and ride without them!!”

uh, no, honey bun, how about we keep the training wheels on for at least a day (which is mom talk for keeping them on for a year)…

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taking a much needed break in the arms of her neena…

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and she is ready to go again!

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The End 🙂


after we destroyed the marshmallow monkey cake, we set about destroying all the pretty packaging that people do for little girl birthday parties…

there was so much tissue paper, ripped wrapping paper, empty gift bags and detritus that it looked like a crime scene (in really cute colors)!

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jasper had some help opening her gifts…  i have seen this before at girl bday parties – all her friends like to “help” the birthday girl open presents and jasper’s party was no exception!

i had my hands full making sure that only one present at a time was being opened!

it was a whirlwind of neat gifts,  awesome clothes and girly squeals of delight!

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ah, now that must have been a present that only jasper wanted to open – i couldn’t even tell you what is!!  i had to have a friend of mine keep a list of who to send thank you cards too because presents were being opened so fast that i couldn’t keep track!!

next year, i think i will enforce a slower pace – or not 🙂

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notice the apron jasper has on over her birthday dress?  i did warn you about repeat appearances 🙂

here jasper and kendra are playing with some little maracas that came with a gift…

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and here is jasper going to put a present up “where it belongs”…  now if that isn’t a chip off the wilks block, i don’t know what is!!!

thanks for all the wonderful gifts, everyone!  thank you cards are on their way and we love you all!