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look what popped up already!

and three days later?

we have a bounty of morning glory seedlings!!

you had better believe that i hear, “mama, we need to water my garden!” and “mama, let’s go look at my garden to see it growing!” about 10 times a day!

i only let her water the little sproutlings in the morning but we go out and look at her green things every single time she asks – every single time.

that’s what it’s all about, after all!

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i water my pots and jasper waters hers!

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look, leigh, can you believe it?  all ready sprouted and looking good!

now jasper is wondering when they are going to bloom:  “mama, let’s go see if they are blooming yet!”

30 minutes later, she wants to go see if they are blooming again!

so out the door we go…  again…

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what a great birthday present 🙂


a birthday present that keeps on giving…

leigh had a great idea for a birthday present for jasper – a potted flower garden all her own!

so leigh came over on sunday so that she and jasper could start that bad boy to growing!

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first came the tools, the “tool belt” (as jasper called it) and the gloves!

she was stoked to have a “tool belt” just like her daddy!  he commented on how his tool belt was leather and hadn’t any flowers but she didn’t let that stop her from continuing to refer to the little apron as “just like daddies!”…

to each her own 🙂

and the gloves!!  man, she loves the gloves – and so do i!  now she doesn’t try to wear her winter mittens when she wants to wear gloves like her daddy is wearing – now she has real gloves of her own…  phew!

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then came the pouring of the soil…

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then the pouring of the seeds…

(purple morning glories!)

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and then the putting of the gloves and the tools!

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needless to say, jasper loved the “tool belt” as much as she loved the seeds but the entire experience was made even better by doing it with her “miss leigh” 🙂

thanks, leigh!

beware: random cuteness

here are some random shots of The Jaspernator!

(side note:  yesterday at the park, i overheard jasper giving herself a pep talk while racing her daddy!  i heard her cheer herself on by saying, “go faster!  you are the jaspernator!  woot-woot!”)

i kid you not 🙂

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jon steals a smooch!

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jasper quietly (don’t you love when that happens?) plays with her cars and truck…

susan, here is a picture of jasper in the outfit you sent her – she loves it!

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while i steal a quick nap…

what’s another name for a mom who is napping on the couch?

a parking lot!

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and jasper was well prepared for the torrential rains we had down here last week!  arnetta, the raincoat still fits her and in fact, she has plenty of growing room – it should last until next summer at least!