here are some random shots of The Jaspernator!

(side note:  yesterday at the park, i overheard jasper giving herself a pep talk while racing her daddy!  i heard her cheer herself on by saying, “go faster!  you are the jaspernator!  woot-woot!”)

i kid you not 🙂

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jon steals a smooch!

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jasper quietly (don’t you love when that happens?) plays with her cars and truck…

susan, here is a picture of jasper in the outfit you sent her – she loves it!

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while i steal a quick nap…

what’s another name for a mom who is napping on the couch?

a parking lot!

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and jasper was well prepared for the torrential rains we had down here last week!  arnetta, the raincoat still fits her and in fact, she has plenty of growing room – it should last until next summer at least!