and three days later?

we have a bounty of morning glory seedlings!!

you had better believe that i hear, “mama, we need to water my garden!” and “mama, let’s go look at my garden to see it growing!” about 10 times a day!

i only let her water the little sproutlings in the morning but we go out and look at her green things every single time she asks – every single time.

that’s what it’s all about, after all!

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i water my pots and jasper waters hers!

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look, leigh, can you believe it?  all ready sprouted and looking good!

now jasper is wondering when they are going to bloom:  “mama, let’s go see if they are blooming yet!”

30 minutes later, she wants to go see if they are blooming again!

so out the door we go…  again…

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what a great birthday present 🙂